Crafts are time and again to be great activities to start engaging kids as young as 1 year old, to enable development of multiple skills, concentrations and creativity. 

My focus is mostly on easy and quick setup crafts and activities which toddlers and young kids can do with little supervision and interference. Most of the crafts are inspired by various Early Learning Concepts which are beneficial in cognitive skills development as well as fine and gross motor skill development.

Below is a list of A to Z Crafts for Kids:

A – Alphabet Name Spaceship 

Make a colorful alphabet spaceship with toddlers to practice the name spellings and don’t forget to make one for mamma too.

B – Bookmarks Kids can make

Encouraging book reading will be easier with cute easiest bookmarks which kids can make themselves and FREE PRINTABLE BOOKMARKS to color.

C – Collage – Recycle old books

Recycle all the old activity and alphabet books by making collages and keep kids busy for hours.

D – Diwali Crafts

Easy crafts and activities along with FREE PRINTABLE to involve kids in Diwali celebrations.

E – Easy Popsicle Crafts

A variety of 10+ easy quick crafts and activities with colorful popsicle/icecream sticks which can be used for gifting as well, like photo frames.

F – Fall Crafts

List of 10+ crafts based on Fall/Autumn Season which are inspired by some creative concepts of art.

G – Greeting Card for Teacher

Boosting confidence and social skills by making own Greeting Card to Teachers on occassions.

H – Happy Birthday Marbled Card

A simple science experiment at home followed by a unique marbled birthday card. 

I – Indian Flag Crafts

Awareness and enhancing knowledge about India with easiest simple 10+ Indian Flag Crafts with what is available at home.

80+ A to Z Crafts for Kids PIN


J – Jellyfish Swimming Craft

Cutest swimming jelly fish you would have ever seen. Kids are going to love this swimming craft.

K – K for Kitten Crafts

Learn alphabet K with these adorable kittens.

L – Learning Alphabet Crafts

Different techniques and learning activities to practice alphabets and numbers; other than just writing.

M – Mosaic Crafts

This is an art craft technique which can be used to create numerous crafts and learning activities for pre-schoolers.

N – No Sew Towel Teddy Bear

Make your own cuddly Teddy Bear at home in 5 minutes with just a and towel and rubber bands.

O – Octopus (Tissue Roll) Craft

Recycle those waste tissue rolls into simplest Octopus crafts with kids in just 10 minutes altogether.

P – Paper Plate Crafts

10+ easy peasy paper plate crafts like masks and pizza; to entertain kids and engage in learning activities by learning few concepts.

Q – Quiet Book (No Sew)

For non-diy experts and those who can’t sew, like me, here a list of  no-sew felt quiet book learning activities based on concepts and themes like day and night

R – Recycle Plastic Bottle into Police Car

Recycle and reuse the trash plastic bottles and convert them into cars, police cars, racing cars etc. and pretend play for hours.

S – Summer Crafts and Activities

Fun engaging icecream crafts, salt art and water activities etc. to make summer season and vacations interesting.

T –  Tree (All Season) Crafts

Learning the trees in different seasons – fall, evergreen etc. using scientifically proven coloring techniques which enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

U – Underwater Crafts

A variety of crafts based on sea animals like fish, octopus, jelly fish, to introduce children to underwater world. You will be surprised how many different types of dish crafts can be made.

V – Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts & Activities

If your child enjoys Eric Carle book – The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then this is a must-do craft and activity for you. Use this activity to learn many things – fruits & vegetables, life-cycle of caterpillar etc.

W – Winter Crafts

Welcome the winter season with cute snowman and snowflake crafts.

X – Xmas Crafts

Celebrate the festive Christmas season with 10+ colorful simple Xmas tree and reindeer etc. crafts with items available at home.

Y – Yarn Crafts

Try making these cute yarn birdies, kitten and rabbit and hours of fun is  guaranteed.

Z – Zoo Animal Crafts

Bring out the animal lover in your child with these 10+ easiest zoo animal craft. Best part you can use the ideas to make any animal of your child’s choice.

Get down and get messy with children and create memories

Incorporate crafts and let them explore and create and make learning much more fun. Use the concepts to create new designs or arts.

Just don’t guide the kids too much and let them use their own imagination.

These ideas and many more are published in my book titled A TO Z CRAFTS FOR KIDS, which is available for reading on Kindle. It has a number of craft ideas to do with kids at home with stuff available already. Read more about it here.

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