TIRANGA or Tricolor, the Indian Flag, the name is enough to fill us with the proud feeling. Every Indian citizen must know the details of the Tiranga- 3 colors and Ashoka Chakra.

Indian Independence day, 14th August, and Republic Day, 26th January are the most common occasions where we indulge in making Indian Flag Crafts every year in schools, colleges, public places, government institutes etc.

Independence Day Crafts

Such occasions are the best time to teach kids about our country’s history and glorious past and how our brave warriors have earned Independence for us and why they must learn to value it, respect it and use the freedom wisely.

Indian Flag Crafts

We started making crafts since my boy was 2 and he just loved making the flag and would proudly swing it in the air.. #proudmoment.

So here is a list of absolutely easy and quick Indian flag Crafts that kids can make with easily available items.

Popsicle Tiranga

This came out the easiest one and looked pretty too. Can he hung on the wall with a ribbon.

Age: 3+


  • Popsicles/ Icecream sticks – colored or plain ones that you can color
  • Glue
  • Blue Marker

Indian Flag Craft

Steps: Simply stick the colored popsicles in the correct order – Orange- White – Green over 2 blue sticks as base and then draw Ashoka Chakra with the marker.

TIP: These popsicles require time to set in till the glue dries, so be careful not to move these.

Paper Cone Wreath Tiranga

This has been my proudest Tiranga craft so far. So making paper cones might be difficult for young kids, so you can help them in making cones.

Age: 4+


  • Colored papers – orange and green
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Blue colored foam or paper

Indian Flag Craft- Wreath

Check the step by step tutorial of Paper Cone Tiranga Craft here.

Handprint Tricolor

Why not involve our toddlers in crafts! They enjoy getting messy and getting their hands painted.

Age: 2+


  • Child-safe paint – orange, white green
  • White paper or paper plate
  • Blue marker
  • Tissue/clean cloth

Handprint Indian Flag Handprint Indian Flag

Handprint Indian Flag can be painted in 2 ways- 1 handprint on a paper or multiple single colored on top and bottom. Don’t these tiny hands look cute!

Pom pom Tricolor Crafts

One of our most favorite craft item is pom poms. Use of pom poms for painting is good for fine and motor sensory skills as well as hand-eye coordination as well. Using cloths peg to paint with pom pom also works on finger muscles and grip.

Age: 2+


  • Pom poms
  • Paint
  • Cloths peg
  • Paper plate/paper
  • Glue

Indian Flag Crafts Indian Flag Crafts

Craft 1: Just stick the pom poms in the color sequence of Tricolor on a paper plate or white paper with glue and allow to dry.

The pom poms can be stuck in any pattern – a rectangular or circular.

Craft 2: Paint with pom poms holding with cloth peg

Indian Flag Crafts

Steps: Hold the pom pom with cloth peg, dip in paint and dab on paper. Using the same colored pom poms will be a good color recognition exercise.

Shaving Foam Marbled Tiranga

Using shaving foams might get little messy, so be prepared with the tissues and kitchen towels.

Age: 3+


  • Shaving foam
  • Glass tray
  • Food colors/watered water color
  • Dropper
  • Fork/toothpick
  • White chart paper {cut in the size that can fit in the tray}

Indian flag Craft Indian flag Craft

Step 1: Take shaving foam in an open flat glass tray

Step 2: Drop orange, blue and green colors with dropper in respective order

Step 3: Mix and spread orange and green but not blue {see pic for ref.}

Step 4: Keep the paper gently on the top of shaving foam, so that the color imprints on it and then remove quickly

Step 5: Scrape off excess foam and let it dry completely

And our marbled Tiranga is ready!

Pulses Indian Flag 

The pulses flag is just a representation and I actually feed the grains/pulses to birds later on and so I do not stick these.

Indian flag Craft

Tissue Roll Indian Flag

The activity is mostly so that the child gets an idea of the colors of Indian Flag and some fine motor skill development as well.

Age: 2+


  • Tissue roll/cardboard roll
  • Colors – orange, green
  • Blue  marker
  • Scissor
  • White paper
  • Plates

Indian flag Craft

Step 1: Cut the edges of tissue roll and spread them {see pic for ref.}

Step 2: Take the orange and green color in plates so it’s easy to dip the tissue roll in it

Step 3: Dab the colored tissue on the white paper in either the sequence of the flag or with toddlers, just let them dab anywhere on the paper

Don’t have an after pic, since I did this with my toddler and focused on him to avoid spilling color that forgot to click pics.

Paper Flag

The good old traditional way of making a flag – either use colored paper or just color a white paper or paper plate.

Indian Flag  

The lotus-shaped paper plate Tiranga was made in his nursery on Independence Day. Isn’t it cool!

Bubble Wrap Tiranga

Painting with bubble wrap is one of our favorite. It’s quicker and easier plus more fun, you can even get to burst to bubble wrap in between 😉

Age: 2+


  • Bubble wrap
  • Color – Orange Green
  • White Paper
  • Plates
  • Blue marker

Indian Flag

Simply dip the bubble wrap in orange and green color and dab on the paper respectively. You can either mark the lines so that the kid knows the boundary.

Tiranga Photoshoot

I missed doing those creative photography with the tiny baby, so just thought of trying something with my toddler on Republic Day.

Indian Flag

The flag are made with same colored tees/shawl and brown scarf for wooden rod. The blue circle in centre is a bottle cap.

Don’t forget to play and sing:

“Jhanda uncha rahe hamara, vijayi vishwa Tiranga pyara!”

Do you like to make crafts with kids on special occasions?

Did you like our Indian Flag Crafts?

Share your views in comments below.

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