TIRANGA fills all of us with the sense of proud and belonging. The tricolor National Flag of India has Saffron, white and green colors with a navy blue colored Ashoka Chakra. It was adopted in present form in 1947 after India gained Independence from British Rule.

Every Indian citizen ought to respect the national flag and maintain its pride. We should teach our children about our country, its national symbols, history, geography, etc. from a younger age.

Easiest way is to make crafts based on Indian Flag, National Symbols, Cultures of India, Indian map etc. especially on occasions of  Independence Day and Republic Day.

Children should know the rules of hosting the flag and how to honor the flag. The correct format of colors if Tiranga are important to know.

Here I am presenting step-by-step tutorial of Paper Cone Tiranga Wreath – An Easy Craft Idea for Independence Day or Republic Day Decoration.

It is an easy and  quick craft with very less requirements. And anyone can make it, not much skill is required.

We made this craft when my son was 3-years old and learnt to stick with glue. He loved sticking the cones on cardboard.


  1. Colored Papers – Saffron, White, Green (I used saffron and green gift wrapping paper and white plain paper sheets)
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil/marker
  4. Ruler
  5. Glue
  6. Cardboard (any color/size or shape)
  7. Blue color/paint or blue foam

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Already feeling Patriotic!!

Let’s start making our paper cone wreath with easy step-by-step tutorial below.


  1. Collect all the material.
  2. Cut square or rectangle pieces of all colored papers.

TIP: First cut one piece of any color paper and make a cone. check the length and size of cone according to the cardboard size. Then cut all pieces of EXACTLY same size.

3. Make cones of colored papers and stick their open end with glue, so that the cone doesn’t open.

4. Make few number of cones of each color, depending on the size of cones and cardboard. I have used 6 cones of Saffron and Green each; and 4 cones of White paper.

More cones can always be made later, in case we fall short in number.

5. Stick paper cones in correct order of Tiranga on the cardboard. in circular manner. Start sticking them side by side, starting from centre.

Tips pointed at the centre and open cone outwards. Stick the cones on the cardboard covering the cardboard completely.

6. Cover the cardboard with cones in the correct order of Tiranga- Saffron – White – Green.

I kept the white cones lesser than saffron and green as it was giving a better look.

7. Stick a circular blue foam or blue colored cardboard piece at the centre on the top of cone tips.

This Tricolor Wreath can be stuck or hung on door or wall. It is very light-weight, so can be stuck with tapes as well.

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35 thoughts on “Indian Flag Craft – Paper Cone Tiranga Wreath

  1. Nice idea. My daughter remembers of ice cream whenever she sees anything cone shaped. But will still try when she gets a lil older

  2. That is a very neat job, highly impressed by the DIY of our flag. Nice thought, making the flag from paper cones. Thanks for sharing the steps too, will share it kids and have them indulged in this.

  3. What a beautiful craft. We used to make flags in our school and this reminded me of those days. 🙂

  4. Thats very unique. Along with the regular flag, this cone flag will look good in school projects

  5. What a great time to read this DIY activity. This Independence Day we will try and make one and flaunt at the school. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. This is such an easy DIY I will share this idea with my daughter she will sure love to try this

  7. I love the creative craft ideas you come with it. Really liked the Tiranga wreath as well and for 15th August, I will try it with Karma. In fact, I was thinking I could try a smaller version of it and use on it on a hairband or clip for karma. 🙂

  8. Wow this one is lovely and quite easy to make as well. I’m glad it has come so close to Independence Day!

  9. That’s a perfect craft to try this month and talk about Independence day with our kids. I will try to make this wreath with Nemit soon & I’m sure he’ll love it.

  10. What a beautiful way to teach kids about independence day and have some quality fun time together. I am going to try this with my little one for sure, she has recently found her love for scissors and I have a feeling she would love this one.

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