The best way to let a child express their imagination, understanding and showcase his creativity & self-expression is through CRAFTS. The benefits of arts and crafts for kids are numerous and even have studies to support,  and bonus some encourage montessori learning.

Art & Crafts help children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination along with boosting self-esteem. They learn manipulation with the paintbrush and increase dexterity. Art and craft can prove to be a great way of self-expression, especially when they find it difficult to put in words, hey can express with colors.

I believe in engaging  my toddler in quick and easy crafts. We made so many master-pieces, colored so many pictures, and created so many crafts since he was 2. My toddler, now a pre-schooler has developed deep love in coloring, sticking, cutting and i must say has an eye for detailing.

We prefer crafts with which little one can relate and understand the concept and has his share; be it coloring, rolling, sticking, cutting and sometimes he even gives me brilliant ideas of decoration like the crafts below.


The crafts you can see in the image are done by my toddler when he was 2 or 3 year old, of course with little help.

A useful FREE Check-list of Craft Supplies to stock at home for such impromptu craft activities would be great. Download the printable for FREE here.

Cardboard/Tissue Roll Crafts: If you will notice, most of our crafts are made of recycled material like tissue rolls, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes etc. The craft material I use is mostly low cost and easily available like paper plates, popsicles, pom poms, glitter glue, colored papers, google eyes, etc.

Popsicle Icecreams are made of felt and decorated by toddler with pom poms, glitter glues (check amazon links for buying below)* and embellishments. Felt ice creams are easily stuck on popsicles or ice cream sticks. These lollies are one of the best summer crafts kids going to love. 

Paper can also be used instead of felt.

Play Dough/Clay Dough is excellent to enhance fine and gross motor skills along with finger muscle strengthening by rolling, cutting, twisting the piercing the clay dough. Some Clay Dough Crafts ideas will be win-win with a toddler.


Finger painting is good for those tiny muscles and fine motor skills development. Rainbow or grapes can be colored with finger paint. Some vegetable art and cotton dabbing craft ideas are here

Q-Tip art or Pointillism is a form of art with q-tips or cotton buds and enhances concentration along with hand-eye coordination. Check the Pointillism art pieces made by my little one – Rainbow and a nature scene.


Paper plates are a must-have item at home with kids. We can use paper plate crafts for Alphabet learning like B for Bird, E for Elephant. , F for Fish and O for Owl etc.

Paper Plate Owl  has been our most favorite till date as he made it all by himself. Absolute basic requirements like paper plates, poster colors, brush, paper, child-safe scissors and glue. See the video below and then believe me:

Some More easy and cute 15-minute Paper Plate Crafts for Kids can be found here.

Indian Flag Crafts are one of the best ways to develop respect about our country in the child. And a great opportunity to teach about the national flag, it’s importance, meaning of 3 colors and their significance.

Step by Step tutorial of Paper Cone Tiranga Wreath. It’s an amazing to make with kids on Independence Day and Republic Day.

Squishy Sun Craft is an activity with absolutely no special requirement and a toddler will love doing it. This one is so fun and so montessori. Watch this video & believe me.

Easy peasy and fun, isn’t it!!

Picture Collage Making is an excellent way to practice scissor skills and work on gripping and finger muscles. Just hand over a child-safe scissors, glue and few old magazine cuttings to little one and let them show their imagination. Do check out the video of my toddler making a lovely picture collage with simple mom and baby magazine cuttings.

Watch my 3 year old making a picture collage in this video.

See Disclosure*

Mosaic Crafts is also one form of picture collage which will enhance scissor skills and improve hand eye coordination. Simply draw a boat, house of even pineapple and give them colored, different textured or single color paper bits with glue stick. 

I have used wrapping papers of different colors and designs and textures. Just cut it into pieces and gave him with the glue stick a boat drawn on a paper. Perfect practice of montessori life skills.

Wax Resist Art is an interesting form of art that gives wide scope of creativity. It’s absolutely simple and kids will love to swipe brush strokes with watery color and see the wax drawings take form. This is also called a Textured coloring.

Simply draw a flower or balloons with crayons and swipe watery poster colors strokes over it and the drawing will stand out. It’s amazing fun for kids discovering the hidden drawings as it looks plain white paper before.

I am proud to showcase, one of our best(est) art made till date is the iconic Burj Khalifa painted by my 3.5 year old with wax-resist technique.

Marvelous!! Isn’t it!!

Created using black wax crayons and diluted yellow and orange water colors. The strokes can be smoother, but not-bad for a 3 year old.

Popsicle Photo Frames are the cutest frames to preserve those precious memories and milestones. Just stick the popsicles in the pattern you want and then let the child decorate on his own. Check this quick video tutorial.

SEASONAL CRAFTS are easy and practical way of introducing seasons to kids and make them understand the changes in nature. 

Bubble Wrap Art is a fun art with bubble wrap, that we have been only bursting till now. Fall theme or spring theme arts, Indian tricolor flag, beehive are some of interesting crafts.

Bubble Wrap Fall Tree
Bubble Wrap Fall Tree

Some more ideas of Fall Crafts for preschoolers will be helpful and interesting.

Rainy Clouds craft is a great exercise for pincer grip and fine motor skills. Make the clouds, rains and rainbow when it’s raining and you are stuck at home. Best time to explain the seasons.

Did you like the craft ideas shared here?

Which is your favorite?

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  1. I love it love. I also try to engage my little one in such quick crafts. They take pride in showing what they have made. You have me a good list of crafts to do with my 3 year old. Keeping these energy bombs busy is tough but with some creativity their energies can be channelized towards something productive.

  2. These crafts can actually bring out the craftperson hidden in children! And what is better than exploring the creative talent of your child! I loved the post 🙂

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