Learning Alphabets, phonics, words are very important for building basic foundation and so essential to learn them correctly. To make alphabet learning much more fun, we can make crafts based on the words/animals/objects starting with alphabets. So they won’t forget the associations.

When my lil boy was learning his alphabet songs AtoZ, it struck me to make a PAPER PLATE ELEPHANT and so he will never forget that E IS FOR ELEPHANT… and it worked .. Yay!

He has got an interest in coloring and making crafts, so it’s easy for me to involve him.

MOMMY TIP: Don’t guide or instruct the child too much or he/she will lose the charm in a second. They love to explore and experiment. So give them free hand in such imaginative activities.


This cute elephant is Absolutely simple and easy to make.


  • Paper Plate
  • Colors – crayons/pencil colors/sketch colors/water colors – any
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut the paper plate in the shape as shown above from top & bottom (any opposite sides).

Step 2: Hand it over to the kid to color it as per his/her choice (mine used crayons).

Step 3: Cut the trunk from one of the side pieces we just cut from the main paper plate.

Step 4: Stick the trunk and googly eyes on face. Tada!!

Easy Peasy.. Isn’t it??

MOMMY TIP: Don’t forget to sing any elephant rhyme or simply ABC rhyme and enforcing E FOR ELEPHANT to ensure he gets the correct alphabet.

Make learning more interesting, creative, fun and interactive with quick easy crafts and activities. More ideas here.

Learn H for Horse, D for Dinosaur, C for Cow, G for Giraffe with cute handprints and footprint craft,.. they are adorable and insanely easy to create… and the child will remember it forever.

MOMMY TIP: Keep the expectations of outcomes or the child grasping the concept the very first time you perform. Let the baby enjoy and you enjoy your “me time” with hot coffee 😉 !

You hear it, you forget. You see it, you remember.

You make it, you’ll never forget.

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Do share your views and more fun learning ideas.

Keep Crafting!



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