Mother’s Day is a special day when a mom loves to celebrate her motherhood. Though for a mom, everyday is Mother’s Day and we love to cherish our memories with kids.

Adding to the list of outing, eating ice-cream, playing football, laughing together, cuddles and thousand kisses … a craft based on Mother’s Day is a good idea.

Precious are the moments when they hug us.. aren’t they!! So I thought of re-creating this moment through a craft.

When you are a Dino mom, you know exactly how you going to celebrate the Mother’s Day .. with your Dino Boy.

So if your kid loves Dinosaurs too.. or even if he/she doesn’t.. this cute Dino mommy and baby duo is just so adorable to not make it.

No need to fret or sweat for a Mother’s Day Craft.. here is an easy peasy craft for you as your Mother’s Day Gift. .. from one mommy to other.

Here is the video of a cute Dinosaur baby hugging his Dino mommy:

AWWDORABLE…. Isn’t it!!

Didn’t you just feel like hugging your little one again NOW!!

So what are you thinking.. hit here , download, take a print, cut and stick… and get a cute mom and baby craft ready.. and make it a part of your beautiful motherhood journey.. or Download from below:

Supplies Required
  1. Cut both Dinosaur mommy and baby and the red heart from the printable
  2. Stick Dino mommy and heart on the paper plate at the centre
  3. Stick Dino baby to a popsicle
  4. Cut the paper plate as shown in video with paper cutter
  5. Insert the baby dino popsicle from top and Tada… your Mother’s Day Hugging Craft is ready.
  6. By moving the Baby Dino up and down with popsicle.. enjoy and go emotional when it hugs it’s mommaa ….. tears rolling.. sob sob!!


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19 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Craft – Free Printable

  1. So cute!!! You really come up with very creative and engaging ideas and printables. Boon for moms like me who just download the printables and do the activity with our kids then! 🙂

  2. love the piece of art. Both the Dinos look so cute. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post

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