Arts and crafts are like stress buster for me and a very good way of bonding with my son as well as enjoying some “we” moments. Along with creating some beautiful art pieces, we make cherish-able memories as well.


The best part and my favorite, my son enjoys playing and learns a lot through simple crafts and activities.

Any time we feel we are getting bored or need change from the routine, we just take out our CRAFT PANDORA BOX and create some magic.

Over the time, I have realized, there are few basic craft supply/stationary items that should be at home, so that we don’t think twice before making anything or there is no stopping or changing theme just because of unavailability of desired item.

So here is a quick check-list for moms, to carry when you go shopping for supplies and stationary, and keep it handy as it has few ideas of recyclable materials too .. DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE HERE

Here you might get some ideas of what can be done by recycling and reusing.

One more thing to note is that I prefer to buy craft items from economic gift shops and the ones which don’t cost me a bomb.. so that I don’t get a heart attack when my boy finishes whole tube of glitter glue in just one ice-cream craft .. you know what I mean, right?


In the list, I have included few basics like scissors, glue, colored papers, crayons etc. and few additional attractions like pom poms, glitters, stars etc. Also included some optional items like curvy scissors, felt sheets, clothes pin etc. along with a list of few recyclable materials like cardboard boxes, tissue rolls as well.

So when you have the basic Must-haves with you, there won’t be much of head-breaking and easily the kid can pick any theme or object of his choice and put his imagination to reality.

You might like to get more ideas on how to keep kids busy during summer and some craft ideas.

Next time you go for shopping, do carry this list, and get the craft supplies and make some beautiful memories in form of crafts.

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