NEPAL is a you-will-fall-in-love type of country. The mountains, the greenery, the weather, the curvy roads, the beautiful temples, friendly & helpful natives, interesting food options (less for vegetarians though); are all so inviting and amazing; that I just didn’t want my vacations to end!!

A trip to mountains gives life back to lungs which are suffocated with city’s dust and pollution. The boy had little cough when we left UAE for our vacations, and we were a bit worried too; but the ample amount of oxygen that we got to breathe-in pumped us with energy and freshness.

But every beautiful journey has to come to an end, and so did ours. But we collected cherishable memories and worth remembering moments from Nepal, as it was our first outing with little Dino boy.. and need not to say; that he enjoyed every bit of the journey.. and gave us so much of confidence that we can actually plan more holidays with him.

We visited Nepal in November, post Diwali. The weather and our baby both were superr supportive and contributed majorly in making this trip a hit. 

Luckily, we planned our trip such that we covered all the spots on our list and didn’t have to cancel any must-watch tourist spot.. all was possible because the toddler was having a blast and kept us motivated.

We planned to go to Nepal by road and booked a private taxi from Gorakhpur for complete journey. And it was a smart decision as We had to stop at multiple places to take pictures.. the nature is just so inviting.. else we would have missed exploring the mother earth showering it’s blessings upon Nepal.

First stop of our trip was Kathmandu.

Shri Pashupatinath Mandir

Our 5-day trip started with visit to the famous sacred Hindu Temple Pashupatinath, built in Kathmandu, with the darshan of Lord Pashupati. We offered our prayers and the boy was so involved and devoted in all the pooja proceedings, that his grandparents couldn’t stop feeling proud of him ;).. very typical of grandparents though.. can you sense the feeling in the pic….

Manakamana Devi Temple

Next day we visited Mankamana Devi Temple , which is situated in Gorkha disctrict and is built at a height of more than 4000 ft. above sea level.. whoaa…. and there are only 2 ways to go there — walk through mountains or take a cable car.. Do you know which route we chose? 😉 …. obvio right..

You might enjoy watching Toddler’s First cable Car Ride at Mankamana Devi Temple, Nepal

Did you hear what he calls the cable car??

Though the long waiting hours in the queue of the temple were tiring and we were starved badly. And it took whole day to head back via the cable car, as you can see in the video.. the tired faces and it was pitch dark that we were scared to look below in the car…

We also visited the Swayambhunath Temple located very high on a hill in Kathmandu valley. The fresh air and religious sentiments spread in the air are truly rejuvenating and refreshing. 

This trip was spiritual and religious journey in true sense.. you feel as if God resides in every bit of Nepal.. It’s fascinating to hear the stories of temples and tales of kings.

We also did some souvenir shopping from Swayambhu temple premises.


There is a lot more to say and hundreds of more pictures and videos to show, but won’t finish up in just one post… so will continue the rest of the journey in PART 2!


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26 thoughts on “Travel with Toddler-Nepal Part 1

  1. Nepal is amazing place to visit. This place is already in our bucket list. We are planning to visit soon. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I am waiting for the second part

  2. Nepal is stunning landscape. I so want to visit Pashupathinath temple. Stunning shots and the little one truly had a blast

  3. Really Nepal is a fall in love with place. And your writing is so lovely will go there. 😍😍😊😊

  4. Nepal is a beautiful and very friendly country, there are many places spectacular and more beautiful than those we see on all tourists magazines. You have shared the right glimpse of warm hearty Nepal.

  5. What a fantastic post! Nepal is high on my list of must-visit destinations. I’ll save your post. Looking forward to Part 2.

  6. Nepal has been on my list for the longest time. Seeing your pics and reading the post is definitely adding to those goals. My friends who have gone tell me that locals are very friendly and helpful towards people traveling with little kids. 🙂

  7. Traveling with family is one of the best ways to fill our kids’ memory banks. It is a way to discover and learn different cultures and expose ourselves to traditions of other countries and nationalities 🙂

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