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Family Travel is the best way we can give stories and experiences for our children. Each day gives opportunities to make memories and let’s fill it with adventures. Let’s go out and travel with kids.

Our first trip with my son was when he was few days old and since then we have been travelling every now and then. Being expat, one international trip to home country is inevitable and we try to make few more local trips to explore new places.


Though travelling with young kids seem difficult while planning but many more families are preferring travelling these days. A little bit of careful planning and the trip becomes a breeze; ofcourse with kids, unexpected always happens 😉 .

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Whether travelling local or international, few handy travel packing tips and travel accessories always turn helpful. Planning meticulously and packing in organized manner will save quite a lot of hassle and make vacation relaxed for everyone.

Travel with kids

Few Travel Accessories for traveling stress-free with kids:

Four wheel Bags: 

The 4-wheeled bags are easy to drag especially when we are travelling with kids, assuming there might be situations where we might have to carry a sleeping baby along with the luggage. With heavy bags or suitcases, it becomes quite a herculean task to carry them all at once.

Travel with kids


Recommend and I personally prefer to carry a backpack as cabin luggage or for keeping items that are required during the journey like the snacks, drinks, Wet wipes and entertainment items for kids including a spare set of clothes and napkins, which will be required during the journey and can be carried when out for sight seeing as well. Backpacks come in handy when we have to carry a tired baby in the evening.

Packing Cubes:

I recently bought 2 set of 4-5 different sized packing cubes and would highly recommend for every person travelling, with or without kids. These packing cubes enable to pack toiletries, dirty laundry, small items separately, making it super convenient to find without jumping into the sea of stuff in luggage. It is better to not mix everyone’s stuff and instead pack one person’s clothes or items in one bag. Using cubes for storing dirty laundry is very helpful and saves headache of sorting the laundry upon reaching back home.

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Zip-lock bags:

ABSOLUTE MUST while travelling with kids. There will be few half-eaten biscuits or banana peels or juice boxes on the way. Ziplock bags save life and sanity in such situations when we don’t have a trash bin around without having to mess-up the handbag.

Travel with Kids


If the trip requires more of walking which might get tiring for the baby, consider carrying a light-weight stroller, according to kid’s age and weight. This will be useful in dragging the child and the bag(s). So you will save your energy by just pushing the stroller and utilize it in enjoying the vacation rather than carrying the baby and bags. The child is also tend to stay happier due to less fatigue; win-win for both.

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Travel with kids

Anti-Lost Wrist-Link:

These anti-lost wrist link are very useful when we are travelling with kids to a place that might be crowded and risky when travelling with kids. We bought these and used in our recent trip to Nepal as we were going to temples which are usually crowded and strollers were not feasible to take inside temple premises.

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Snacks & Drinks:

An absolute essential while we have kids on board. Better to keep their favorite snacks to handle situations when they tend to get cranky due to long journey or excess waiting times. It is also important to keep kids hydrated and fed through out. A hungry kid will be more difficult to handle.

Travel-time activities: 

Entertainment is a must for kids through out, they just can’t get bored. Few mess-free travel-time activities are smart to carry and keep them occupied as well. I personally love these Melissa & Doug water wow books which are re-usable and mess-free. Some stickers or small storybooks can also be useful.

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6 Life-savior Packing Tips when travelling with Kids:

1. Keep Size of Luggage moderate making it easier for you to carry luggage in case of no help, remember you have kids too.

2. Keep all stuff of one person together, so that you need not open multiple bags for finding 1 person’s socks

3. Keep kids hydrated and fed. Stock up kids’ favorite snacks and drinks

4. Tke naps during travel in flight, train, bus or car so that your schedule doesn’t get affected and you are not over-fatigued or over-worked

5. Talk to kids and family members, create memories. Explain about the features of the places you visit

6. Plan itinerary keeping kids in mind. Don’t include too many places in the list. Keep it short and practical

Some relevant practical and useful Flying tips with kids will make air travel easier. Plan carefully and properly and make family travel fun and memorable. Click lots of pictures, talk to each other a lot, spend more time with each other exploring, away from gadgets and social media, and give your family and kids lots of stories and life-long memories to cherish.

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