DUBAI is one-of the most favorite holiday destinations for tourists these days. Majorly because of ease of getting tourist visas for citizens of any nationality, easy accessibility & availability of flights from most of the countries of the world and lots of places to explore for all age groups and ethnicity.

Dubai offers variety of places to see & visit like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Frame; marvelous gardens like Miracle Garden, Dinosaur Park, Glow Garden; theme parks like Legoland, Bollywood Park; adventures like Sky Diving, Desert Safari, Underwater zoo, Dolphinarium, Ski Dubai; Jumeirah Beach etc. and lots and lots of shopping places like souk, Bur Dubai, gold souk, Dubai Mall, Ibn Batuta Mall etc.

It is impossible to cover all of Dubai in just 1-week long trip. To experience the essence of Dubai and enjoy all of the must-visit touristy places, one definitely needs more time to spend here.

Must Visit Tourist Places in dubai

Best Season to Visit Dubai:

Thought Dubai offers fun and entertainment through out the year. There are few attractions that are difficult to experience during hot summer months of July & August like Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, Miracle Garden, Dinosaur Park etc.

The tourist companies and some theme parks have special offers and packages during the holy month of Ramadan. So one can plan a Dubai tour during Ramadan as well.

Few not-to-be missed places and experiences in Dubai are:

BURJ KHALIFA – One cannot afford to miss going to the top of the world’s tallest building which 829.8m high, holding few of the world records in it’s name. It’s an astounding experience of going up to Level 154 and witnessing the sunrise or the sunset from that height.

Read a family’s experience At the top Burj Khalifa at Cuddles and Crumbs.

Ticket: Adult: Starting from AED 149. Child: Starting from 114 (Child Below 4 years FREE)

Book Tickets for At The Top Burj Khalifa  here  

Burj Khalifa Dubai

DUBAI FRAME – The recent attraction added to Dubai’s crown is a 150 m feet high structure in the shape of photo frame which given the title of “the biggest picture frame on the planet”.

Read how and what a mom felt when she took her daughter to Dubai Frame at Mom is learning.

Ticket: Adult AED 50. Child: AED 20

Book Tickets for Dubai Frame  here

The Dubai Frame

DESERT SAFARI – Dubai offers a unique experience of dune bashing, belly dancing, camel ride amidst the desert, BBQ Dinner etc.. One has to get clicked with the traditional kandura and burqa attires and with the eagle on hand while in the desert.

Ticket: Starting from AED 35.

Check deals and travel websites for offers and package deals – Groupon, Yallabanana, Cobone are some wonderful sites with deals.

Desert Safari Dubai

DHOW CRUISE: Nothing can beat the experience of enjoying a luxurious dinner on water waves in a cruise. A lot of tourist agencies in UAE provide offers and package deals and even discount coupons to avail the same. So keep a watch on these online offers before booking.

Ticket: Starting AED 25 (Check out for deals & offers)

Dhow Cruise Dubai

LEGOLAND – Visiting the Legoland with the rides and figurines all made of Legos feels like walking in the land of Legos and it’s like heaven place for kids. It’s a full day visit to be able to enjoy all the rides. Each ride has a height limit for kids. There are few open play spaces as well where tons of leogs are spread for kids to make buildings. This video will give you a sneakpeak.

Read Best Time to visit Legoland with kids

Tickets: Starting AED 245 (Check for offers)

Book Tickets for Legoland Dubai here

Legoland Dubai

DINOSAUR PARK – If you or your kids fancy dinosaurs or you have watched all the part of Jurassic Park, then you must not miss visit to Dinosaur Park. Feels like walking in the Jurassic Park itself between the 120 roaring gigantic animatronic Dinosaurs.

Check the website  before visiting as the Dinosaur Park and Glow Garden remain closed during summer.

Read whether a family with kids liked or not visiting Glow Garden & Dinosaur Park at Our Globe Trotters

Read Roaring with Dinos in Dubai

Tickets: Starting from AED 60 (Cost of 2 parks)

This video will give you the feel of how walking through Jurassic Park looks like LOL.

DOLPHINARIUM – Dolphins are the most-loved mammals, I think, and almost everyone loves the dolphins on decorative pieces, necklaces, bracelets, toys. And if you are one of those, you will love watching your favorite mammal juggling with the balls and giving you an entertaining show.

Dubai Dolphinarium is one of it’s own kids of dolphinarium which provides habitat to dolphins and seals and offer live shows and photo sessions for audiences.

Tickets: Starting from AED 50 (Check for Offers)

Book Tickets for Dolphinarium here 

Dubai Dolphinarium

UNDERWATER ZOO & AQUARIUM TUNNEL– Walking under a tunnel where sharks & rays and creepy crawlers swim over your head is an experience that cannot be described in words. Underwater Aquarium is a MUST experience for those who appreciate nature and aquatic beauty.

Dubai Aquarium is a huge tank with 10-million litre water and variety of aquatic flora & fauna located at ground level of The Dubai Mall is the largest suspend aquarium in the world.

Ticket: Dubai Aquarium is FREE FOR ONLOOKERS & payable for experiences.

Underwater tunnel & Aquarium Zoo – Starting with AED 99 (Bundle offers)

Book Ticket for Dubai Aquarium here 

Dubai Aquarium

Excited much??

Now do more research and book your tickets to Dubai!!

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Must Visit Tourist Places in Dubai

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