LEGOLAND DUBAI is a theme park for families particularly kids. Legoland has fun rides, live shows, workshops, iconic building and infrastructures- all made with LEGO bricks.

Legoland Dubai is an amazing park with fun and adventurous activities for kids aged 2-12. Some of the attractions we loved include interactive rides, LEGO Police Station, 4D Ninja show, Car drive, dragon ride, fire station and Boat Rides, submarine and the amazingly built LEGO structures of Wonders of the World. One needs to visit there to experience it all.

My boy was just not willing to come back home even though we were dead tired and he already did  few rides twice.


Ramadan, the holy month, is the best time to visit Legoland Dubai for getting full value of money, as one might avail the offers during this period. and the crowd is comparatively lesser during day time and during weekdays. We covered the whole park, with repeating few rides in just 6 hours. Which might take longer to enjoy all rides on a busy day due to long queues.

Explore and keep an eye on OFFERS!!

Though it was very hot and humid when we planned our trip (since months of Ramadan vary) and we had to bear the intense heat; it was still a great experience and loads of fun. Although most of the rides and activities are in covered area but walking through and in between rides is sweating.

LEGO Police to the Rescue

Legoland Dubai has innovativeand creative LEGO-based attractions .The best area is the MINILAND which has LEGO monuments and marvelous being the lightened BURJ KHALIFA, world’s tallest tower, Pyramids, Taj Mahal etc. and the best part it has no height or age limit. 

Don’t miss the 8-minute long Miniland Light Show.


It’s so mesmerizing to see the finest minute details covered and shown with beauty in these LEGO structure.. the man diving from Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, the magnificent Burj Al Arab, The buses and passengers in motion at Dubai Airport, the timeless beauty Taj Mahal, the life and hustle bustle at Dubai Creek, the Dubai Metro whistling and passing by…

The different LEGO characters built around rides have motion sensor sounds, interactive music and movements, see video to know what I mean to say.

Tips for Planning

Legoland Dubai is a full-day affair, and mine didn’t want to come back even after spending 6 adventurous tiring hours going up and down and driving car for 3 times. Making a full-day trip with kids need some planning and preparation. 

UAE Residents have the facility of annual pass plus can avail some timely offers like Ramadan Offers, Summer Offers, Kids Eat Free etc.

Most of the rides have a height limit to allow kids.

Every ride has different height limit based on the movement of ride, safety etc. We were not allowed to on roller coaster ride.

Points to Remember:

  1. Take a Park Map: The staff hands a map usually with tickets but in case they miss, do remember to ask for one. You won’t want to walk unnecessary to cross same rides and  zones and waste time and energy.

Legoland Dubai

2. Choose dress accordingly: Either choose bearing heat or getting tanned (can’t help) ofcourse depending on weather, temperature forecast and your capacity to withstand heat . I wore pants and was dying because of heat and sweating.. but was happy that saved myself from getting burnt skin.

Loose (not too) comfortable breathable clothes are recommended to avoid over heating and sweating.. but decent respectable attire is important, as per UAE norms.

Wear cotton comfortable clothes!!

3. Carry snacks and drinks for kids: Though lot of food and drinks options are available inside the park, being Ramadan time, few of the eating outlets are closed during the day. So it’s better & recommended to carry few snacks handy. Drinking water, cold drinks and squashes are available at places, but always recommended to carry as well; as kids tend to feel hungry and thirsty more often  after all the hardwork and exercise and running around they do in the park.

Staying Hydrated is very important in Dubai summers!!

Ofcourse parents need energy too to keep up with excited kids.

4. Keep caps, sunglasses, sunscreens, umbrella and scarfs: You have to protect yourself and kids from scorching summer heat. So don’t forget to pack the summer essentials.


You may check few amazon links below for buying*. (see disclosure*)


5. Wear shoes: It’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes for rides and for avoiding too much fatigue while walking..yes there will be a lot of walking if you want to cover it all in just one day.. like we did!

6. Carry pram/stroller: I would highly recommend parents to carry a stroller/pram if you are going with young kids. Prams are also useful (and life saver) in keeping bags and umbrella as well, because you don’t want to walk full hand on a theme park. And ofcourse can’t carry a tired toddler, and even any child would wear out after so much of adventurous day.

7. Avoid wearing jwellery or loose accessories: Like the thumb rules of any theme park, recommended to not wear any loose accessories or jwellery so as to avoid any sort of accidents or loss of items.

8. Don’t forget bathroom visit intervals: Do take bathroom breaks in between and top it up with more fluid intake so as to avoid dehydration. You won’t want to feel bursting bladder in between an ongoing ride.

The various interactive LEGO figurines look marvelous and perfect for clicking some pictures..and they have music or some action which is fascinating to experience.. see the happy boy above.

9. Don’t take mobile on rides: The main purpose of fun rides is to enjoy the experience, so keep your mobile on the designated place before entering the ride or keep inside your bag which can be either kept in stroller or shelves near each ride. And one won’t want to lose a mobile on a high speed ride, so better to avoid this mistake (saying from personal experience at another theme park earlier).

One must visit LEGOLAND Dubai and not to miss the experience. Words, photos, even video can’t do justice the amount of amazing time we had.

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  1. That’s a great comprehensive post and you have covered all the points very well. My son loved Legoland in Dubai and we as adults enjoyed the experience as well. It’s a must do for all kids traveling to Dubai!

  2. The place looks so much fun, not just for kids but also adults. Bookmarking your post, as I may plan a travel to Dubai soon. This place will be a must-visit one on my list.

  3. I am sure my son will love and worship this place as he is a Lego enthusiast. Surely planning a trip here very soon.

  4. This was great, I had only heard about Legoland Hongkong. Now, this option is also there for me. After being a mum, the places to visit are guided by the little one’s choice…and he is so in love with legos.

  5. My son loves Lego and I am sure he would love visiting Legoland. Thanks for such a comprehensive list of tips, I will keep these in mind while visiting

  6. Great post, Dubai is a magical city there are many places to explore. One year ago I went to Dubai with my family. I got a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

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