AL AIN ZOO, UAE is one of the most amazing zoos I have ever visited. This Zoo is largest zoo of its type in Middle East and it’s 4 kilometer stretch provides home to around 4000 animals across 200 species. Al Ain is a city in UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, just in case you weren’t aware.

Al Ain Zoo was established by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1968. Few endangered and rare species are well-preserved and conserved here in a habitat almost similar to their own. This is one of the most-appreciable feature of this zoo.

Maintaining habitat suited to them, inspite of opposite natural weather conditions is one of the most remarkable effort the zoo maintenance has taken.

We love this zoo so much that we have already visited there thrice in last 6 years (and you might wonder why my dress is different ;)). There are always new attractions added and the sight of beautiful animals and birds roaming around freely, never gets boring.

It’s always elating to spend time watching the wild and learning more about them.



Before visiting the Zoo, one must check the experiences that they will get to see there, so they can plan and divide the time accordingly.

Al Ain Safari is an amazing recently added attractions where one gets to experience close encounter with some magnificent animals like African Lion and White Rhino. The local Emirati guides add a flavor of local culture and add on the knowledge about endangered and rare species. One can even enjoy Dinne with Lions 😉

White Tiger has been my most favorite sight and I wait in front of his cave just to see a glimpse of his royal walk.. and he never disappoints his admirers.

These albino tigers are an absolute rare species. It’s commendable how the zoo preserves these valuable resources.

There are number of other wild-cats too – leopard, lions, albino lions etc.

My boy loved watching the 2 lions play with the red ball and refused to buzz from there.


Giraffe Feeding is a not-to-be missed experience. Though my toddler got tad bit scared by the long blacky (read yucky) Giraffe’s tongue and felt bit gross (me too), but now when he will be 5, he wants to go there soon again and feed these beauties.

Watching the long-legged beauties take a stroll in sun and cover the vast distance in few steps is an awesome sight.

You may like to see this super cute and adorable video of my toddler feeding Giraffes

Swimming Rhinoceros and Crocodiles are also recently added and we saw huge rhinoceros jumping and swimming in our last trip.

See the excitement of kids on seeing the bulky rhino jump and swim in water.

Bird Land is an indoor covered place where birds of various new and rare and endangered species fly freely. They feed and drink when they want to. The birds of all kinds have bonding together and one can witness the beautiful relationship and enjoy melodious chirping.

Different species of amazing birds are preserved and protected.

Penguin Land is a miniature Antarctica where number of Penguin walk around in the snow and jump in the water. It’s such a treat to see these miniature humans roam and swim. (check the video).

Do you also adore penguins like us?? I can watch them for hours….

Camels are the Ship of Desert and how can a desert zoo be complete without them. So likewise AL Ain Zoo has some huge camels too.

Flamingoes are one of the most beautiful birds and seeing them flock together is a picturesque view and we can never resist clicking just one picture of these beauties.

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Tips for a successful day-out in AL Ain Zoo with kids:

Take a map and plan accordingly: spend few initial minutes in studying the map and then start your tour from one side so that  you don’t get lost in the way or miss out on any animals.

Carry Snacks and drinks: though there are few options available inside, you won’t want to carry all the way 1-2 kms for snack and drinks and waste time and energy. 

Stay Hydrated: walking, sunny, exciting, clicking, talking – all makes us more thirsty and vulnerable to dehydration.

Carry Sunglasses, sunscreen, cap, scarf, umbrella: Be it any season, being open, it will be sunny and tends to get hotter during mid-day.

Wear comfortable shoes: like i mentioned the zoo is vast and enormous and so a lot and lot of walking is obvious. You won’t want to miss watching few animals just because of uncomfortable shoes and also won’t want to go back home with dead feet.

Wear cotton comfortable clothes: being sunny and hot, clothing must be chosen accordingly.

Carry stroller: kids are bound to be tired with so much of walking and you won’t be in a condition to carry the kids and the bags. So be smart, carry a stroller.

Carry zip-lock pouches, wet-wipes, sanitizer: always better to be prepared with kids.


Enjoy the beautiful sight of endangered and rare species and do visit AL AIN ZOO, UAE. Trust me you won’t regret taking your kids there.

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23 thoughts on “Why You Must take Kids to Al Ain Zoo UAE

  1. Awesome! The zoo pictures are wonderful! If ever I get a chance to visit UAE, AL AIN zoo will be at the top of my to-do list.


  2. This was a treat! I love visiting zoos (even without a kid) and I didn’t miss it when I visited Thailand sometime ago. Thanks for sharing the tips too.

  3. Hey! Really nice pictures. Lost in the imagination of being there while reading the post. That’s the quality of effective writing. A lovely read! Enjoyed a lot!

  4. Zoo is so much fun with kids , and you have explained so well , thanks for sharing this.
    I hope I will visit soon zoo with little one.

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