Montessori Method of Learning is child-centric approach which involves hands-on practical learning and holistic development. The emphasis in Montessori is on play-based learning and more of self- directed approach, instead of following the rules of instructions per se.

Montessori approach facilitates Overall Skill development – gross & fine motor, coordination, social skills, cognitive skills etc. Engaging in activities which are more practical and child-oriented prove to be more useful in the long run. Majorly because it develops confidence and increases independence – both crucial for surviving.

When to Start Montessori Learning?

Montessori environment aims and supports learning right from birth to middle school with age-appropriate activities and gradual progression. Children learn with experience in Montessori setup and at their own pace. They can respond to any curiosity as per human tendency like natural instinct and build a strong foundation.

How to Raise Montessori Kids at Home Easily

How Montessori helps?

Providing an infant with opportunities to explore the surroundings, in a safe environment, enables development of body parts coordination and motor skills with independence in daily tasks.

It’s more like self-learning by exploring utilising all the senses – touch, feel, see.

  • Focus on child development stage – by working on language skills and fine motor skills by completing day-to-day activities like arts, crafts, pouring liquids, peeling etc.
  • Promotes creativity and imagination – children are allowed to choose activity and work on their own, instead of guided approach
  • Encourages collaborative and cooperative play – since it’s more of self-regulation, children develop a sense of cooperation and community
  • Develops confidence and independence – it’s hands-on learning rather than abstract learning. So kids become more confident of doing and exploring on their own
  • Learning is child-centric – the child gets to select and learn on his own pace and they have all the things at their reach – toys, books, activity stations

Read reasons for considering Montessori Education shared by My Ford Girls.

Montessori at Home Sensory Play

Why choose Montessori?

  • To raise self-dependent confident adults who excel in practical life-skills.
  • To raise kids who know self-regulation and self-discipline
  • To promote self-esteem in children and raise intellectual adults

How to raise Montessori Child at Home?

To follow the child’s cues and interests is the main intention of holistic Montessori approach. Nothing is forced upon and no timelines for learning any particular skill.

Tips for parents for raising Montessori kids at home:

RESPECT the child. Give them space, time and opportunity to learn and explore at their own pace and interest.

FREEDOM of choice and movement. Provide safe friendly environment to observe & explore. By keeping objects of their use and interest at their reach, give them opportunity to grow by the challenges.

INDEPENDENCE is essential, not an option. Make things simplified for them, so they don’t feel helpless. Allowing them to eat on their own can be messy and letting them dress themselves can be time consuming but giving them chance to practise is important.

COMMUNICATION and vocabulary are crucial. Talking to kids in respectful manner and tone will reflect in their personality. Communication is a two-way process, so listening to them is equally important. Also telling them the names of objects, surroundings, emotions etc. is crucial for vocabulary building.

NATURAL & simple material/toys are best for most learning. Simple open-ended toys and activities are better than fancy expensive toys.

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Montessori at Home


Kids glued to screen are an absolute common sight these days, I am guilty too. But now I have promised myself and my son to keep him engaged with learning activities.

Join me in taking the NO SCREEN-DAY PLEDGE, an amazing initiative taken by FirstCry Intellikit.

Read what I am going to do by taking this pledge, keeping my Montessori learning approach parallel. Will try my best to him entertained and happy, and develop skills and logical understanding as well – a day without Screen!

Kids love stickers and giving them stickers of “Well Done” “Good Work” “I’m Proud of You” always work wonders in motivating them and keeping the energy levels high along with leveling up the self-esteem. The ones I recently bought and we are loving them are listed below.

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 Montessori Learning Toy

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27 thoughts on “How To Raise Montessori Kids At Home

  1. Montessori methods are amazing as they teach a lot to the kid buy at their pace. Loved this helpful post!! No screen challenge will be a great way to ensure no screen and ensure they indulge in other productive activities.

  2. Great post and I loved all the tips you had shared for raising a montessorylepen child. I really liked the idea of making our kids independent at an early age and i agree this thing will help in raising an independent child who will have a great sense of responsibility and respect for others. #MBUmomswhoblog

  3. this is a helpful post for all the parents of toddlers so well written and explained .. sure will be sharing this post with my sister

  4. I like the philosophy and method of Montessori Education. Its hands-on practical learning and holistic development will have a better impact on the child. No-Screen Day Pledge is a great way to unplug from digital devices and focus on screen-free activities! I think this digital detox should be done at least once every week.

  5. Hey my son is on Montessori at the moment. He seems to be liking the concept and has started writing standing lines and all. These are some good tips to let them be and find their activities interesting.

  6. I truly support you in your no screen Pledge. Cutting screen time is the biggest challenge for Moms. And tips for raising Montessori kids are incredible. Superb post.

  7. Raising Montesorri kids at home is a great idea. I’m using the First cry intellikit for my daughter too and she absolutely loves it. Great way to boost imagination and creativity.

  8. Doing what works for our family is
    Best and yeah this moulds the art of parenting a kid in a way close to their heart

  9. This is a real helpful post. I don’t follow the proper Montessori way to teaching my son but I love to go ahead as epr his taste and intreste.

  10. I was raised as a Montessori kid during my childhood.. and I know how it shapes up my education further. Definitely inclined towards the approach for my son as well.. Thanks for your tips, they will come handy

  11. Raising Montessori kids is really important we also follow this methodology where Avisha is allowed to choose what ever she wants out of the toys that she has. And plays on her own.

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