ALLEPEY is a famous tourist destination known for its brackish backwaters jostling through the lush green paddy fields in the southern part of Kerala, India. Its mesmerizing beauty will leave you spellbound and is an ideal place to witness the love of mother nature. The iconic houseboats in Alleppey will play a perfect host whilst you sail through the serene backwaters. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the popular destinations you shouldn’t miss when you are travelling with your kids. 

Alappuzha beach

The Alappuzha beach ( also known as Alleppey beach) is famous for local getaways, scenic beauty and a 150 years old pier which stretches into the sea. One can relax under the palm groves and take a sip of coconut water, or just stroll around it with fresh breezy winds caressing your cheeks, besides that they are many other fantastic options available to those visiting the beach. It also hosts many festivals like Sand Art festival and Alappuzha Beach Festival.

In addition to the enchanting beauty of Alleppey Beach, some exciting activities and attractions are present in and around this destination. There is a small park for kids near Alleppey beach. 

Alappuzha lighthouse

Constructed in the year 1862 with traditional materials, it has 30-meter height and at the top, there is a platform which can accommodate close to 25 people at a time. Without an iota of doubt, this is the perfect place to view the exhilarating beauty of the beach and its surrounding locales. There is also a lighthouse museum, where the old oil lamp to modern equipment has been placed for viewers. In the museum, you will also get a chance to witness Aladdin lamp, GAS flashers, sun valves, etc and also the testimony of Alleppey Lighthouse’s journey of close to 150 years.

Krishnapuram palace

Built-in the 18th century by the erstwhile ruler of Travancore, Marthanda Varma and was the epicenter of the kingdom of Travancore. The architectural style reminiscent typical Keralite architecture. This “Kerala architecture” comprises of the distinguished features such as narrow corridors, gabled roof with dormer windows.  This palace is well maintained by the archeological department of Kerala which showcases various exhibits which belonged to the palace. You would love to walk around the large pond which is situated inside the palace complex. There is also an escape route below the palace. Many Kerala styled paintings are placed in this palace. The palace will give you a glimpse of the rich lifestyle which was led by the kings of that era.

Nehru trophy boat race

Nehru Boat Race, the water extravaganza of Kerala is a very challenging boat race for the participants but the overall fun and festivity really inspire you with great awe. Locally known as Vallam Kali or Vallamkali which literally means boat game, the race has a worldwide fan base, and is organized in the Punnamada Lake nearby the Alappuzha area of the state. Alternatively, called as the snake boat race, it mainly diverts your attention towards the competition of Chundan Vallams. It includes crews of more than a hundred men striving hard to win the desirous trophy. Effervescence and rhythmic boat songs or Vanchipattu work, as well as the cheering attitude amidst everyone,  is powerful enough to send you into the state of frenzy.

Pamba river

The mighty Pamba river also known as Dakshina Ganga is the third-longest river in Kerala. The famous Sabarimala temple amid luxuriant forests and grasslands is the most popular religious center in Kerala and it is intimately connected to the river Pamba. Owing to this, the Pamba river has a significant religious and cultural importance for the people of Kerala. There are other attractions too associated with the Pamba river, like the Cherukolpuzha Convention is a highly revered religious convention of the Hindus is held at Cherukole on the sandbanks of a river Pamba.


Kuttanad is a beautiful region bestowed with lush green paddy fields, serene backwaters by mother nature. It’s the lowest altitude in India and also one of the very few places where farming is practiced below sea level.  Also known as the ‘rice bowl of Kerala’, Kuttanad is a backwater paradise and an ideal destination for a backwater cruise in Kerala. The crisscrossing canals in the area mark a striking resemblance to Venice, but it’s way different than its European counterparts. If houseboats in Alleppey intrigues you then you should certainly not miss sailing through the canals of Kuttanad.


Muhamma is a census town in Alappuzha district of Kerala and just like the rest of the place in the state, Muhamma too is no less than a heaven on earth. Coconut trees swirling to the song of the winds along the coast whilst you sit back and relax in your houseboat is a very soothing experience. There are also many local shopping spots and hotels where you will get a glimpse of the countryside life of Keralites.

Pandavan Rock

Pandavan Rock is an ancient and historical tourist destination located in Urukunnu region of Kerala. It’s one of the most renowned tourist attractions and has derived its name from the Pandavas of Mahabharata. It is widely believed that they sought refuge inside this cave during their exile. It is an ideal picnic spot and perfect for trekking too with the tranquil environment and serene beauty. 

Vijaya Beach Park

Vijaya Beach Park in Allepey depicts the beauty and serenity of nature at its very best. Its located nearby the Alappuzha Beach and is just a stone throw away from it, thus making it an ideal place to relax after a fun day at the beach. One visit there and you can feel the sea breeze amidst the chirping of birds at this park making it a paradise for nature lovers.

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  1. Kerala is in my wish list since long time and I had read so many great posts about the natural beauty of this amazing place. after reading your post, would love to visit ,this soon with my family. thanks for sharing details.

  2. I have been to Kerala a couple of times but no houseboat experience. Last time I went with my daughter and when we wanted to book we were advised against it saying not safe just for 2 ladies. Thanks for sharing all the details though.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go on a houseboat! This post explains the gorgeous ones in Kerala. I will definitely try it out soon and get back to you. Thanks for pointing out the other attractions in the area.

  4. Wow…that’s like a “guide tour” of Alleppey. Always knew about the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and got lucky to experience it few times, but reading your post made me realise that’s there’s still so much more to see and enjoy 🙂
    Wonderful post capturing the beauty of the place and laced with intricate details of so many other attractions around Alleppey. Definitely on my list of must visit place now 🙂

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