If you don’t like frequent salon visits or shaving every weekend, neither you have time to do either.

Then Natural Hair Inhibitors can actually reduce your hassle much and help you live hair-free, saving the frequent pains and time (and money).

Hair Growth Inhibitors are the products, usually cream or spray, that reduce and slow down hair growth; or prevent hair growth for extended time. Thus preventing the need of frequent hair removal.

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** HAIR INHIBITOR ** Many a times we have to compromise with the dress we actually want to wear only bcoz of hair growth and no time for salon visit .. #busymom life 🀯 . . I wouldn't have even dared to try any such product .. hadn't I got the confidence in @wetdrypersonalcare products that are 100% Natural and Safe. . Got my hands on this natural hair inhibitor/ hair retarder lotion NEUD which enables βœ” Permanent hair growth reduction βœ” Minimizes need for hair removal βœ” Smoother skin for longer duration βœ” Painless & suitable for all skin types . The cream is to be applied like a moisturizer on body after hair removal. It has Sunflower Oil, Carica Papaya amongst others.. An Ayurvedic Product . . . Have tried it . Will continue using it and will share the results with my #instafam .. and let you if I got rid of unwanted body hair or not .. . . . #momlearningwithbaby #indianbloggers #indianmomblogger #momblogger #productreview #skincare #ayurvedic

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NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor:

NEUD penetrates to the level of hair follicle sac and restricts the growth of unwanted body hair. NEUD product is suitable for both men and women, absolutely easy painless method to get rid of body hair. Neud is made with 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, and is thus safe for skin with no side-effects.

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor

How hair growth inhibitors work?

The hair growth inhibitors weaken the hair follicle so they stop producing hair altogether. One need to use the product regularly for effective results. Break in between might not give satisfactory results.

Natural Ingredients:

Neud is an Ayurvedic preparation with Sunflower oil, Carica Papaya, natural fragrance etc.

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor

How to use NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor?

First step is hair removal from the root – by waxing, sugaring, threading etc.

Second step is apply Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor cream and massage. When the cream is applied after hair removal, the natural ingredients penetrate the pores and reach the hair follicle, which fives faster and effective results.

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor

Are naturalΒ  hair growth inhibitors safe to use?

Since the Natural Hair Inhibitors use plant enzymes instead of the strong chemicals, they prove to be more effective with lesser known side-effects (in general).Β 

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor is worth trying considering the natural ingredients and none reported side effects.

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor

Packaging: 5/5

The bottle of lotion is convenient to use and the nozzleΒ  oozes out only required quantity, so no wastage or spilling.

Overall: 4.5/5

However, the results of hair growth inhibitors varies in individuals, NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitors gives satisfactory results to most of its users.

For effective results, regular use is recommended.

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