A gentle oil massage is enough to take away the stress, fatigue, anxiety and can put anyone to sleep. Be it infant, child or adult, body massage is the most relaxation technique to shoo away body pain and all other factors causing physical or mental discomfort.

Benefits of Oil Massage for Infants and Kids cannot be more emphasized that it reduces the stress hormones as well. Right from the birth, it’s recommended to give oil massage to babies, as per pediatrics’s advise.

Just re-iterating the benefits of oil massage for infants and children:

  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Relaxation
  3. Alleviate stress
  4. Relief from body /muscle pain
  5. Peaceful sleep
  6. Blood circulation
  7. Improve digestion
  8. Enhance gastric motility
  9. Improvement in colic reflux
  10. Improves muscle tones
  11. Provides skin nourishment
  12. Boosts immune system
  13. Cognitive development
  14. Bonding with parent(s)/caregiver

For elder hyperactive kids, a gentle oil massage helps in calming them down and have a peaceful deep sleep with some bedtime stories, rhymes, lullaby and cuddles.

IF you think only the baby is benefited with massage, then this is for you.

Massage not only relaxes the baby receiving the massage but also the parent or caregiver who is giving the massage to the baby. Few of the advantages of giving oil massage to baby are listed below:

Benefits of Massage for Parent/ Caregiver:

  1. Relaxes the person giving the massage to the baby
  2. Helps bonding with the child especially beneficial for people facing post-natal depression or perinatal anxiety
  3. Improves the mood
  4. Builds confidence as parent/caregiver
  5. Reduction in stress level

Being a parent is an over-whelming and tiring job. Even after knowing the reasons of baby massage, we tend to get aversion at times, though the trigger can be any.

Which one is yours from below list, if any? 

Reasons of avoiding oil massage to kids:

  1. Sticky oils (too greasy)
  2. Makes clothes and bedsheets smelly (so need to change both after the massage)
  3. Hands of the person become oily too (multiple times hand wash required)
  4. Stains the clothes as well
  5. Problem of spilling oils (more common with active babies)
  6. Laziness (more because of the tedious process – massage, change of clothes – both baby’s and parent’s & bedsheets, multiple times hand wash.. phew)

An oil is here which has solution to all the above problems and will leave you with no reason to avoid oil massage to baby, infact you both will love oil massages.

Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir is an aromatic oil massage spray for kids which is made of natural oils and is free of harmful chemicals, so absolutely safe for kids. Now you should ask-

Why should I try Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir?

Oil for baby massage

Advantages of using Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir:

    1. 99% Natural ingredients
    2. Elixir Combination of natural oils – almond, jojoba, coconut, argan,  walnut, sesame, wheatgerm, tulsi
    3. Goodness of multiple oils in one oil
    4. No harmful chemicals
    5. No parabens or sulphates
    6. Aromatic fragrance
    7. Relief from bodyache
    8. Relief from stress and tiredness
    9. Induces deep peaceful sleep
    10. Less greasy / non-sticky for skin and hair
    11. Easily absorbed
    12. Improves skin elasticity
    13. Promotes hair growth
    14. No stains on clothes or bedsheets
    15. No bad/strong odour
    16. Safe for kids

Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir

In addition to the product, its packaging is also very thoughtfully designed and keeping in mind the hassle it is to give an oil massage to a hyperactive kid.

Pros of Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir Bottle:

  1. Convenient to use (small handy bottle)
  2. No spillage (spray system)
  3. Avoids wastage (limited quantity ejects when sprayed)

A quick video review of Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir:

Cons of Gigglebee Natural Oils Spray Elixir Oil: None so far

Rating: 5/5

Definitely recommended. My 4.5 year old loves the fragrance and the spray 😉 . He also prefers this oil now before bedtime as he doesn’t feel hot or heating body after massage.

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