Nature Play is the best for mental, social, emotional and physical development of children. It’s proven to elevate mood, reduce depression & mental fatigue, improve gross motor skills.

Outdoor play and activities related to nature play an important role in kids’ holistic development, enhance immunity, observation skills encourages curiosity and imagination. Also it’s important to teach kids to understand the value of Nature, and nurture the Mother Earth.

We need to teach them to love the nature and it’s components – animals, birds, plants; and the nature will love them back.

One need not go to park or garden or beach to enjoy nature. Look around in your neighborhood. Few FREE PRINTABLES/TEMPLATES included to take print and preserve such nature bonding moments.

Few absolutely simple and doable nature activities for toddlers and kids:

  1. Feed the birds/cats/fish/dogs

There is nothing better than feeding the living. It’s a pleasure on another level to see tiny birds pecking at the grains.. such a satisfaction.

2. Run with birds

Feeding the birds, talking to them, running behind them; caressing the swinging leaves and flowers are therapeutic and aid in mood upliftment. Nature has the power to refresh anyone and totally lift up the spirit.

A template to take print and stick their photos of feeding animals/birds and running behind them. Believe me, this is a better way to remind them and cherish the moments.

3. Plant saplings (at home)

One doesn’t require a huge garden for planting. Small saplings can be sowed in small pots, empty curd boxes, glass jars etc.

4. Water the plants

Understanding of the importance of water and sunlight for the growth of plants.. everything in balanced quantity. Also how each plant has individual limits of water and sunlight intake and requirement.

Take a print of this template and stick the photos of the process of Sowing Seeds – Watering – Germination – Leaves Growing … the child will be amazed and proud of himself to see the growth of plants.

Also the process of photosynthesis can be explained, if the child is able to understand the concept.

5. Collect dry leaves/flowers and put them in soil of plants (to become manure) 

This is a great way to teach them about natural fertilizers and manure. How to facilitate plant growth with easily available household vegetable & fruits peels to make manure.

6. Observe different variety of flora and fauna

Nothing teaches us best than the nature itself. and especially the nature walk that is unguided. Don’t instruct, don’t guide, just let them explore. Instead, become a listener and their student. Ask them questions and let them interpret and explain their observations.

10+ Nature Activities to do with Kids & Toddlers

7. Collect dry leaves & flowers and make a scrap book

What could be a better way to explore the different varieties of plants, leaves, flowers that exist and the diversity in their textures, shapes, colors, sizes, etc.

A template to stick collected leaves or flowers or kid’s photos exploring the nature.


8. Spot the creatures – butterfly, grasshoppers, squirrels 

Nothing excites kids more than a colorful butterfly or a hopping grasshopper or a nibbling squirrel or crawling ant or flying dragonfly.

9. Collect stones of different shapes & sizes

10. Keep park/walk-ways clean (throw trash in bins)

11. Recyclable waste to throw in separated bins

12. Observe nature and try to describe/draw/stick photos

It’s a great way to enhance their ability to visualize and then re-create the surroundings. FREE PRINTABLE template included for the same, to let them explore and draw as per their understanding.

Or let them click photos, take prints and stick is also an amazing idea to see the world through their lens.

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Little one got a project from school to do few nature activities and we did enjoy doing them. It was a reminder that how we forgot feeding birds and watering plants once we got ourselves busy in school routines.

So to make this project more interesting and document our experience, I designed few templates to stick his photos and submit in school. These templates and few more are available for FREE DOWNLOAD below.

I pasted the photos on pdf and then took print. Taking a print out and then sticking photos on it is also good option.

Once in a while, a walk in the nature is a must.. to de-stress and detox, leaving mobiles, laptops, worries, chores behind.. and just unwinding with self and nature.

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Enjoy Walk in Nature and next time, do document it with photos.


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19 thoughts on “10+ Nature Activities For Kids – FREE PRINTABLES

  1. It’s important for us to teach kids to be friendly with nature and you have really shared amazing activities!!

  2. Wonderful activities, kids must be taken to such places where they learn first hand about nature. With these activities I am sure the connect would be better

  3. Wow! Connection with nature is a wonderful thing which kids can learn through following the mentioned tips. Wonderfully written.

  4. This is such an interesting way to add love for nature in young minds. We too try to gather some leaves which fall down from trees by we go for a walk and dry them. we shall be making a scrap book from them soon

  5. I love how we can include kids in little things and make them understand the value of cleanliness and feel close to nature too. Great ideas!

  6. those are some great activities that you listed for toddlers. My son will surely love to indulge in atleast a few of them, Especially discovering creatures.

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