Summer means a lot of sweat and the body needs extra care; especially down there. Between “the thigh area” is the body part most effected during summers because we uncover the whole body to get relief from heat, except this area which is most moist most of the time.

Feminine hygiene becomes utmost important during the hot season, though it should be a regular ritual otherwise. Not maintaining proper hygiene or regular cleaning might lead to bacterial infection, itching or burning sensation down there, near the vagina area.

Just to note, naturally vagina is self-cleaning & has numerous good bacteria and a peculiar odor, which is not always bad or unhealthy. Though maintaining regular hygiene is important to avoid growth of harmful bacteria and avoiding pH imbalance. So one need to recognize the difference when it becomes strange, and contact gynecologist immediately for further check-up.

Few important tips to enjoy summers itch-free:

1. Drink lots of WATER

Needless to say hydration is absolutely crucial for body, especially in summers. Water flushes out toxins from body and maintains body pH balance. A little longer duration without liquids (not including alcohol/tea/coffee/cold drinks); can cause burning during peeing, which in my case continuous till the time I replenish the loss of water from body and pee 3-4 times. And it is disturbingly uncomfortable till the time it clears.

2. Wear COTTON

Cotton is the most comfortable and suggested clothing in summers, not only for outer clothes but also for inner wears. As these are the first layers that absorb all the sweat and cotton being breathable fabric helps keep skin clean & dry. Lacy or synthetic fabric may tap moisture and cause irritation & friction; also might be breeding ground for bacteria. So such clothing is recommended to be worn for short time duration.


It’s best to use clean dry own towels, not-shared, and the ones that don’t contain added dyes or perfumes, that might cause irritation.

4. WASH with water daily

Washing with cold to lukewarm water regularly is important to keep the vagina clean & healthy. It is recommended to clean the feminine parts twice a day, during morning shower and before bedtime. In the case of excessive sweating, better to clean and pat dry more often.

5. Use Soap-free, SLS-free, Unscented products

A soap-free, sulphate-free intimate wash is important to maintain neutral pH of vagina, and it requires  an informed decision to be taken before trying any products. As studies show that bacterial vaginosis is more common in women using scented products.


Not all feminine products are same. The products made without surfactants like SLS/SLES and are soap-free can be tried. The brands with safer & milder ingredients and better formulation might help in reducing the number of harmful pathogens and decrease the risk of infection without affecting the growth of surrounding  beneficial bacteria.

EVERTEEN Intimate Wash has helped me get rid of the itch because of sweat and burning because of harsh shower gel i was using as it has aloe-vera, ficus  glomarata, butea frondosa, sphatika – all natural active ingredients. So maintain vaginal pH balance and prevent chances of bacterial infection.

For External Use ONLY.

6. EAT Right – Reduce Acidic Food

Excess intake of acidic foods, spicy foods, foods containing garlic/onions, alcohol, excessive intake of tea/coffee/cold drinks etc. can cause pH imbalance and increase bad pungent odor. So recommended to increase intake of plain yogurt, fresh juices, apples, berries, leafy greens etc. for promoting vaginal growth.

7. Let it BREATHE

Some gynecologists suggest to sleep without underwear, to let the body breathe and feel free. It will enable a sweat-free, moisture-free sleep for intimate body parts too.

8. SHAVING or NO Shaving?

It’s a personal choice to shave the pubic hair and both situations are completely fine, until absolute hygiene and safe practices are maintained in either. The pubic hair prevent yeast infection, vaginitis and UTIs by fending off bacteria and harmful pathogens form entering the vagina. It might be difficult to keep it dry and clean with hair around, but by removing the hair, the protective barrier is removed. So either way, maintaining the hygiene accordingly is important.

9. Change WET CLOTHES Immediately

Any kind of wet clothing, caused due to any reason be it exercise, swimming, sweat; around that area can harbor bacteria. Don’t sit in wet bottoms for long, bacteria thrives quickly in warm and damp places. Immediately wash, pat dry and change to clean and dry clothing.


Wearing too tight and difficult to breathe bottoms limit movement and cause more sweat, restricting the air flow and causing irritation and friction. Better to wear breathable comfortable dresses, especially when it’s hot.

11. LISTEN to your body

It’s crucial to notice the differences down there, be it itching or burning or smell. Any uncomfortable change calls for an immediate doctor visit.

12. Annual Gynecological VISIT

One thing we often overlook is the regular gynecological visit and complete vaginal check up, that includes pap smear test to check cervix health, becomes more imperative once women start menstruating and become sexually active. Seeing a doctor once a year to ensure vaginal health is recommended.

These are the Top 12 tips are learnt recently and thought to share with you all.


Did any tip here surprised you?
Which tip do you think you were missing on and would be incorporating in your hygiene routine?
Did I miss anything, do mention in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post and written solely for purpose of general information, with no intent of  medical advise. The views about the product (sent for review) are my own, based on personal use and might differ with individuals. User discretion required. Any kind of medical situation should be consulted with doctor.

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  1. Great tips! Maintaining personal hygiene especially during summers is very important to protect ourselves from infections and disease. Summer is a breeding season for infections and your tips for maintaining hygiene are totally practical.

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  5. This is very crucial, but sadly the most ignored part of women’s health. Glad that you have shared all the tips in details. Intimate wash is a must and keeps the flora healthy.

  6. Summers are the worst of time for all. However, I guess women suffer the most as the body gets dehydrated very quickly leading to UTI. It’s important to follow these tips mentioned by you to sail through summers peacefully.

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