Multicultural Paper Dolls

What is the best way to each kids about the different cultures and traditions that exist around the world?

In today’s boundary-less world, it is more important to raise a generation who is tolerant to other ethnic groups and learn to respect everyone’s customs and beliefs.

One of the excellent methods is to make crafts with kids based on geographical differences, food and costumes.

To celebrate YEAR OF TOLERANCE in UAE, the school planned traditional dresses for a week. However, to dress kid in perfect costumes of every nationality was not possible.

So I thought of carrying on this activity with a craft. We had bought few Fridge Magnets, Russian Dolls and key chains at The Global Village, Dubai from the stalls of respective countries.

I drew the different dolls on a paper and asked the 4-year old to color them according to their respective miniatures.. and Boy!! He did a fabulous job!!

He colored the dolls with crayons

Then I cut the dolls cut-outs and stuck in his craft book along with telling him the ethnicities we just followed.

By sticking a popsicle stick at the back, these can be turned into puppets as well. And a role-play with them would be a fun idea.

Needless to say, he felt proud of himself.

How do you teach your little one about other countries and nationalities? Do share in comments.

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