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“Ever wondered how some mom bloggers do so much in just 24 hours?”

“Ever wondered how some mom bloggers do so much in just 24 hours?”

“Do you find it difficult to find time for blogging or your passion amidst all the chores and parenting duties?”

Managing time is a herculean task, especially if you are a mom.. ‘coz you got no weekends, no sleeping late on weekends, no eating alone time, no undisturbed sleep of 7-8 hours .. more or less similar story of every mom.. irrespective of working, staying at home, working from home etc.

If you are a blogger.. then your life is more happening and you surely feels like getting more than 24 hours in a day. . ‘coz you need to write, create images, take pics, or create crafts/dishes/art work/travel .. according to the niche.. and plus you got to market yourself on social media too, take part in threads/pods, share and re-share your posts and others’ posts …. which surely demands much much more time..

Creative juices don’t flow every time.. you need to pen down when the idea hit you.. later means gone!!

So here I will share few great tips followed by TOP MOM BLOGGERS, with fellow mom bloggers, who struggle with TIME MANAGEMENT, like me, in a strife to utilize their time to it’s maximum capacity.. without compromising on family time, house chores, blogging time….


Amazing DIY mommy and mom blogger Amanda from Raising my Knight shares her tips on how she priorities her time around house, family, kids and work and her love for DIYs:

Quiet often we make a to-do list to capture our task that need to be done and often forget the most important part that is prioritizing. I love Stephen Covey’s prioritizing model that helps to classify task into four categories. After doing this I then fill it out on my cozi app that can be shared with my spouse. This app is free and helps me to create and share  shopping list, calendar and so much more.
The task that lands up in my “later” category I move it to next day and re-prioritize.

Amanda (Raising My Knight)
Time Management Grid shared by Amanda

Mom blogger Shannon from Learn To Mom shares what strategy worked for her in her post How to Manage your Time Blogging

Another awesome and my personal favorite, award winner, successful mom blogger Shubhreet from Raising Karma shares how she gets around doing stuff in TV reporting, travel shows, freelancer, blogger, parenting, etc…..

I have always been a workaholic. When I was in full time news, be it print or television, I happily worked around the clock. On my off days, I would read research reports to get a better understanding of the industries I was converting. On work days, I would easily work 14 hours a day. It’s an addictive job! But that time, I didn’t have a child. I was young & also had the energy for it. When I started actively blogging, the first year especially was hectic. I think that’s the case for any blogger because that’s when we are trying to find our niche as a blogger.

Discovering what runs true to us and what the message we want to share. So again, despite working from home, my work life balance was very off. But it takes that effort! It’s your struggling year! Now after my second year of blogging, I am trying to strike a balance.

For me, blogging, whether on my blog or instagram, has always been about quality over quantity. I take a minimum of 3-4 days to finish one blog post. First draft, then edit, then re-edit, shortlisting the right pics, making sure the post is easy to read & understand etc – I go through it a dozen times before publishing.

It’s more difficult being a freelancer in some ways because there are no fixed timings. So you have to create them and stick to them. So from 10-5 I work. I sit on my computer and phone and dedicate those hours to either blogging related work or my freelance work as a social media consultant. After that it’s time to get Karma from day care and then her play, dinner, bath etc. those responsibilities are split between Karan & I but I am now consciously trying to not be working or chatting or replying to msgs during those hours. Still not perfect but it has improved. And then from 9.30-10.30, I take a final look at my mails and msgs. Obviously, some nights involve late night work but that has improved also.

So here is my advice. It’s easy to work around the clock as a blogger. But your body needs rest, your mind needs rest, you need time alone and you need time with your family and friends. So make a schedule. Whatever schedule that works for you but make one and stick to it majority of the time. So the urgent need to finish everything asap is more in our heads than reality. That realization can really help you strike the right balance. And sometimes you will need a break from it all. Take it! It’s okay! Everyone needs it.

Shubhreet (Raising Karma)

This problem of time utilization and getting distracted while working from home; and learning to parent and blog at the same time is over-whelming for moms all over the world.

Maintaining a balance between family and work is a skill, and never easy for a mom. Stress and burden of over-expectations are obvious. Kristal from Simply Kristal Clear also emphasizes on “ME-TIME” in her post on How I Fit in Quiet Time as a Busy Mom:

Ensure you have a quiet time, even as a busy mom.

Kristal (Simply Kristal Clear)


A talented mom blogger Deepa from Mom Is Learning who loves to write shares her idea of getting to do maximum work without disturbing the routine.

Try to draft your thoughts when possible and as soon as baby sleeps or goes to school, edit and publish.

Deepa (Mom IS Learning)

A mom of 3, Victoria who blogs about recipes and parenting in her blog Title Free Mom points a very important factor that happens with me most of the times:

I have to write down what I want to get done and go down the list. If I don’t follow the list and complete each task first I get lost in social media, analytics, emails etc and then I feel like I wasn’t productive. 

Victoria (Title Free Mom)

Ever analyzed reason(s) behind chaotic mornings and stressful days?

If you also wake up tired and fail to feel happy and hopeful, do read this post by Jenna, from The Peaceful Nest Blog, on How To Make Your Mornings Smoother . I am sure you will find in-sync with these regular habits we tend to ignore.

An inspiring mom blogger Ridha from New In Kitchen shares her blogging tip:

Set aside 10-15 mins a day to brainstorm on the blog post.

Ridha (New In Kitchen)

Inspired yet??


Have been struggling and searching frantically on Pinterest, talking and requesting suggesting from fellow mom bloggers, I have learnt a few things from experience. Now my 2 cents, though I am still figuring out how to be more productive:

Don’t fret to impress or please everyone or bury yourself under everyone’s needs & expectations.

Make time for yourself. Live for yourself. Find peace within.

Love yourself!

Kinshoo (Mom Learning With Baby)

Do give these posts a read and you are sure to get atleast ONE TIP that would work for you and fit in your life.

Share in comments which one you find useful and do share with others who might need it.

Happy Blogging!

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18 thoughts on “Time Management Tips for Mom Bloggers

  1. I have a set time every day when I am in my writer zone. I look forward for that window desperately. As you said, for a blogger sometimes 24 hours seems short. That’s so true. Some days, when I have tons of ideas popping, I wish to have a few extra hours in hand and some days I tak a total break from writing. But I plan my posts and I publish every week at least one post.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with me, it is a real task to manage all when you are full time mommy and yes multitasking is really important to balance all.

  3. I have to admit, as a mommy blogger, all the things on our plate can get quite overwhelming! These are easy-to-follow tips and I will try to incorporate them in my routine.

  4. That’s so cool. We learnt this concept during our time managing classes in MBA. It’s glad that moms are trying to use it some great concept.

  5. These are great tips for us. I try to follow them often. It would help out a lot of people.

  6. these are amazing tips shared by mom bloggers. I have two blogs and a three year old and a graphic design business – so time management is a big question in my head. Even if i plan and organize things I find it difficult to manage time and strike a balance between all the things i need to do!

  7. I work part time so its harder to manage schedules but i plan a week ahead wherever possible especially the post in my head and jot it down …work on it in spare time and i usually post on the day im off work…
    It takes some effort but its absolutely fine when ideas do not bounce or you cannot manage within.regular schedule time

  8. If you ask me, time management is the most crucial thing to achieve. I remember being a master of it during my work experience. However, now that I am a mom time management sucks. Hope will implement these tips to get it working.

  9. Useful post. I wrote a post on this topic too during #BlogchatterA2Z. I think planning and prioritizing is the key to time management

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