The best way to make moments memorable is taking photos and freezing the time. We re-live the moments by Looking over and over those pictures. But somehow, the trends of old classic photo albums are getting extinct; and storing thousands of photos in mobiles or laptops or hard drives just doesn’t give that feel.

Physical photos preserved in photo albums or photo frames are still my favorite. Every time we pass through a photo frame hung on the wall, especially with a cute tiny one’s pic in it, is sure to bring a smile and an aawww feeling. Such a great idea to relieve stress and worries!!

And what could be better if we involve the kids in making their own photo frames. These handmade photo frames also make superb gift for friends and family.

Isn’t it an excellent way of motivating kids by preserving their first days of nursery or school; or achievements like getting a yellow belt in Karate or a certificate in nursery; or milestones like cycling or swimming for the first time!!

Just keep a reminder photo on the kid’s desk or study table or on shelves for room decor.. and it immediately adds up colors and high spirits!


Little one adores himself and feels proud every time he sees his picture of first day of nursery. I am surely going to frame more such proud moments for encouraging the champ.

I have added few details to the plain colored popsicles with markers just to make it cuter, add little zing and baby boy happier. A quick video tutorial is here:

Aren’t these easiest and quickest to make and share and decorate all over the house!! I can’t get enough of how many experiments I can do with these popsicles.

They can be hung on a wall in any pattern or just kept in a showcase or study table or even parents’ work table.

We made one more photo frame to gift daddy for Father’s Day, and needless to say Papasaurus was on cloud 9 seeing the lovely surprise..

The idea of sticking a star was given by lil-dino, as he wanted to give Daddy a STAR… how sweet!


  • Popsicles (single color or multi-colored)
  • Paint (if need to color popsicles)
  • Glue
  • Photo(s)
  • Stickers/ glitters/ embellishments/ buttons/ foam cut outs/pom poms – for decoration

Step 1: Stick the popsicles together- according to the size of the photo

Step 2: Fix the photo at the centre (photo should be cut in exact size)

Step 3: Stick 1-1 popsicle on top and below to keep the photo and horizontal popsicles in place

Step 4: Decorate the frame with stickers/ glitters/ embellishments/ stars/ buttons …. just anything… or a Dinosaur sticker like we did.

Easy Peasy!!

A perfect center-piece for Dad’s work desk (if he prefers so..) or TV shelves.

There are so many variations possible in popsicle or ice cream stick photo frame. Like we can go for a rainbow background and avoid the square shape.

In this RAINBOW PHOTO FRAME, i have stuck the popsicles in the order of rainbow colors VIBGYOR on 2 popsicles at the back side as base, like in the pic below, instead of sticking them to each other. And a ribbon at the back for hanging.

And this turned out to be quicker and easier.

Then just decorated with pom poms, embellishments, glow stars or can use buttons, felt or foam or paper cut shapes, stickers, ribbons, quilling etc.

These cute Rainbow colored hand-made photo frames will make superb RETURN GIFTS  at a birthday or any celebration  or a Rainbow – Themed Birthday Party in particular.

Did you find these photo frames easy to make?

Would you trying them out?

Which is that one pic you would love to preserve in a hand-made photo frame?


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Keep Cherishing Memories!!


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25 thoughts on “DIY Popsicle Photo Frames – Home Decor & Gift Idea

  1. Keeping kids busy as it’s raining so much indoor is the biggest task and your post given me solution to keep them happy, lean and enjoy all together!!

  2. I really love the creativity dear. Simple but cute. My daughter also made this type of photo frame. I am regretting now If I read this post earlier I could do much better.

  3. That’s a simple and easy idea to keep kids busy. The best part is that it’s easy to make with sole ingredients yet looks beautiful.

  4. My daughter has received this once as a return gift, and we loved the creativity. well, now I know how to make this DIY fun photoframe.

  5. Popsicle frames are one of the best and easiest DIYs for children. I love the vibrant colours you chose. These looks so pretty!

  6. So cute!! My daughter did a similar activity in her school and the outcome was extremely cute. Loved the idea of using rainbow coloured ice cream sticks.

  7. I’m excited to try this with my son. He loves crafts and I think this one will be perfect. We could also use it for gifting.

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