Birthdays are milestones for kids and for parents as well. Birthdays are emotional moments, especially for moms. We all try to make their special days memorable.

On my son’s 4th birthday, we decided on RAINBOW THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY! And everything in this party from home decor to food tags and invites was DIY project.

Trust me, this is my second most satisfying DIY Birthday Party Decor project, after the Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party.. Here are a few glimpses of the Rainbow party and decor:

RAINBOW Themed Birthday Party


The main reason I choose to design and decorate all by myself, is I hate unnecessary expenses on the expensive decoration items which clearly go waste the next day of the party itself and instead of adding any value to us, they add to non-recyclable waste.

The balloon decors, rainbow wall decor, food tags, thank you cards and ofcourse BIRTHDAY INVITES were all designed by me!

The best part – it was totally Budget-friendly Birthday Party.

Free Printable Customizable Invites for Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

It was so fun and satisfying to design the home decor and food tags, invites and gift tags. The kids just loved the  colorful decoration and were excited to play Rainbow games, eat Rainbow food and most importantly Rainbow Chocolate Cake; which my boy still demands at times.

DOWNLOAD the food tags, gift tags and Rainbow printables for home decor.



Few samples of birthday invites are available for FREE DOWNLOAD below. These invites can be downloaded in pdf format (Don’t Save PNG Images), convert to Word, edit and again convert to pdf and then PRINT..!! Ta da .. 

Your pretty customized economic Rainbow Themed Birthday Invites are ready to be sent!!


If you like these Rainbow Invites, do let me know your views in comments and SHARE this post to help more mommies wondering and struggling to plan a budget-friendly themed birthday party..

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Read How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Rainbow Themed Birthday Party (FREE Printables)

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Honestly, I am a minimalist and don’t believe in extravagant expenses on birthday parties especially on decorations and just for aesthetic effects. 

Rather I would give better return gifts and game prizes and include more food options… after all that is what all kids come to a birthday party for!! Agree?

Did you find these FREE Printable and Editable Rainbow Party Invites?

Got more Ideas?? Do share in comments.

Would love to design customized invites also.

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FREE Printable Customized Rainbow Birthday Party Invites

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15 thoughts on “FREE Customizable Invites for DIY Rainbow B’day Party

  1. So creative! I love the rainbow theme idea for a kiddies birthday party, it’s all about happiness and fun.

  2. These looks so good and easy to do. I am sure trying these out for my son’s next brithday. Thank you

  3. Wow, this is really cool and thanks for sharing the invites. Definitely using them for my daughter’s bday this year.

  4. Such a cool.theme of rainbow which is gender neutral as well . Perfect invites thank you for thiw DIY

  5. I have been doing theme birthday parties for my son since he turned 4 and it has been huge fun.
    Rainbow party is a fun theme as well!

  6. Excellent DIY ideas for a rainbow party..I have done something similar for my elder kid’s 3rd birthday.

  7. Rainbow is so charming that kids love it for sure and printable of the same shall be so welcomed by them

  8. I like these printables. Rainbow has so many colours so it makes celebration invites and decorations great.

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