Invites for Rainbow Party – Free Printables

Birthdays are milestones for kids and for parents as well. Birthdays are emotional moments, especially for moms. We all try to make their special days memorable.

On my son’s 4th birthday, we decided on RAINBOW THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY! And the party decor was all DIY.

Here are a few glimpses of the party and decor:

The balloon decors, rainbow wall decor, food tags, thank you cards and ofcourse BIRTHDAY INVITES were all designed by me!

Few samples of birthday invites are available for FREE DOWNLOAD. These invites can be downloaded in pdf format, converted to Word, edit and again convert to pdf and PRINT..!! Ta da ..

If you like these Rainbow Invites, do let me know in comments and SHARE.

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15 thoughts on “Invites for Rainbow Party – Free Printables

  1. Wow, this is really cool and thanks for sharing the invites. Definitely using them for my daughter’s bday this year.

  2. I have been doing theme birthday parties for my son since he turned 4 and it has been huge fun.
    Rainbow party is a fun theme as well!

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