It’s easiest to teach or facilitate learning, as I prefer the term, to toddlers and preschoolers; provided THE right medium and basic practical learning methods are incorporated.

Most Important is to keep expectations at a reasonable level and don’t raise hopes so high, as these are young energy balls who forget as quick as they learn, and are easily distracted; and you might end up losing patience or feeling discouraged.

Little bit of forceful teaching or compelling to repeat or listen.. and you lose out your listener.. there he goes!!

So make learning fun, cheerful, easy for a young mind to understand and grasp as much as possible, and your child is interested in. Always follow the child’s cues.

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REPETITION is the key!


  • Revise and repeat over and over as when you eat or serve fruits.
  • Decorate fruit plates
  • Play super-market or vegetable vendor pretend games with real or toy fruits.
  • Match real or toy fruits with Flash Cards.


  1. Once they are familiar with common fruits, move on to discussing colors and tastes
  2. Take 2 print out of Flash Cards each and Match the fruit flash cards – the best way to enhance memory and develop cognitive skills. Increase the level later by keeping them upside down.
  3. Advance to relating with alphabets and learning phonics
  4. Coloring by looking at real or toy fruit (don’t bother the neatness now)

So much learning with just one set of activity sheets and cards. and absolutely simple and FREE to prepare.


  • Prints outs of  FRUIT ACTIVITY PACK
  • Scissors
  • Colors
  • Laminator – to make the cards re-usable (Optional)


TIP: Coloring the fruits can be made more fun by coloring using cotton balls or pom poms or earbuds/q-tips or any other vegetable like potato or ladyfinger.

Idea is given on every page of Coloring, the same can be followed or as per you or your child wish to color.

This apple and watermelon are colored using pom poms dipped in color and to add more skill enhancement – USE CLOTHES PIN to hold the cotton ball or pom pom. Very good for fine motor skill development.


Fruit Activities for Preschoolers- Free Printables

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35 thoughts on “Fruits Activity Pack- FREE PRINTABLES

  1. This seems so fun activity for kids and I will sure get for my son so that he can learn and have more fun!!

  2. great activity, sometime I take my kids to supermarket he love to help me by choosing vegetables and fruits. That encourage him to know fruits,vegetable,shape and colours

  3. My son is 15 months old and learning lot of new stuff… I’m on collecting ideas from all over these days.. this is very interesting and seems to be fun… Ur learning idea is in my piggy for future.

  4. This is the one I was finding for a long time, my son started his new journey of schooling. This will be very useful to him. Thanks for sharing dear. Downloaded sheets are the best part.

  5. This is a for moms with small kids. These fruit activities can keep them busy creatively for a long time.

  6. What a lovely activity this is, fun, classic and fascinating. Kids will definitely get attracted towards it seeing the vibrant colors, patters, and out of curiosity. easy to learn activity.

  7. These are really good printable sheets for the moms who have kids of round 3 to 4 years and this is going really helpful for them to know get printed and just spend some quality time with the kids tho my daughter is now 7 but still she Learns lot of drawing and colouring

  8. My kids, are really small having little age gap so is it possible to sit with them with all the activities u mentioned here..?

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