A SENSORY BOTTLE is a great way to calm-down an anxious or irritated baby. A Sensory Bottle also enhances visual stimulation, color recognition, sensory development and auditory stimulation.

Just Shaking and flipping a sensory bottle upside down can prove to involve multiple skill development in a child.

A Sensory Bottle for a 1-year old is super easy and quick to make with the easily available items like colorful pom poms, stars, embellishments, googly eyes, small plastic toys, colored or plain rice/pasta, seeds, sand, , stones, rocks, marbles, beads, rubber bands, clips, foam pieces, ribbons ….. practically anything and everything that can go inside the bottle.

The colorful noisy bottles are super engaging for tiny tots.. plus keeps them entertained for some time on their own. Finding the toys or alphabets between the rice or pom poms can be

TIP: Glue the bottle cap with super-glue or glue-gun to avoid accidental opening of the bottle while playing as small pieces can be a choking hazard for small kids.

Total time taken to prepare a Sensory Bottle is 5-10 minutes including gathering items to put in and gluing the cap.

Behavioral Development: So next time your child is whining or crying inconsolably or getting irritated, quickly grab a plastic juice bottle and dump what ever you could lay your hands on… tada. . your Calm Down Sensory Jar is ready!

Color Recognition: The different colors of pom poms, stars, beds etc. things in the bottle surely enable color recognition in kids.

Treasure Hunt: Finding a particular item amongst the many others or rice/sand surely form a type of treasure hunt in a bottle.

The sensory bottles with water, baby oil, glitter glue, some food color are also easy to assemble.. and has super calming effect for both the child and parents alike.

Shaking the calm-down bottle vigorously and then watch the glitter settle down slowly can calm down any anxious kid and ease out anger and frustration in both child and parents.

Language Development: Giving instructions to the child like “Shake”, “Stop”, “See”, “Count”, Names of Colors and objects etc. can increase the vocabulary as well.


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4 thoughts on “Sensory Bottles for Kids

  1. They have things like this at my kids daycare. I have always wanted to make them. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Wow. Such cool sensory ideas. I never thought to use a bottle. I’m sure my son would love this, especially with him learning his colors right now. Great way to make learning fun!

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