It’s always a great idea to make crafts based on festivals to make kids learn about the importance & customs involved; and encourage them to celebrate and be happy about the festivities.

Christmas or X-mas is celebrated with great enthusiasm all around the world.. and the sight of X-mas Trees is simply exciting and brings happiness.

An easy and simple Christmas-based craft is FELT X-MAS TREE.

This felt craft is suitable, safe and easy even for 1-year olds. It can be done in various ways, and then fun never diminishes. This felt X-mas tree craft never becomes boring b’coz of the different combinations a tree can be decorated.

Easy Felt X-mas Tree Craft


  • Green Felt Sheet/cloth
  • Multi-colored felt sheet/pieces – red, blue, white, yellow
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue/glue gun
  • Multi-colored pom poms, stars etc.
  • Embellishments (optional)

Step 1: Fold the rectangular green felt sheet from the centre and draw half side of the tree (spikes on the open side).

Step 2: Cut the edges of the tree keeping the folded side intact, so that after cutting when you open the sheet from centre – you get a symmetrical tree.

Step 3: Cut shapes of red santa cap, red socks, stars, bells, ornaments etc. from different color felt sheets

Step 4: Stick one part of velcro on the green felt tree and other side of the above decorative items we made with felt. I used glue to stick velcro to make it stronger and avoid coming out as kids tend to pull with force sometimes.

One side of Velcro on the tree and other on socks/cap/ornaments/stars

The felt decors are easy and fun to stick, even for a 1-year old. Personally I also enjoy sticking and taking out the velcro. 😉 .. The cap, stars, socks and ornaments can change place easily as per the child’s wish. See the 2 combinations done:







Step 5: Hand-over the tree with decors to the child and let him take out his creativity. The big white star and few pom poms can be glued or left like that also

I didn’t stick any of the stars or pom poms with glue – to let him enjoy different combinations each time. Even the felt decorations can change places.

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I actually  just told him to place the embellishments and shining stars on the tree and then keep switching places to make it more fun and engaging. And more importantly to make it re-usable.

This tree will never dry or die and can be saved for next year’s Christmas as well.  Isn’t it a great idea!!

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Merry X-mas


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