A baby starts learning words right from the birth. There is no limit to his vocabulary stored in his memory.

As they grow up, we tend to enrich their treasure of good vocabulary with spellings. It is very important to learn “how to spell” by correct phonetics. Spellings learnt in childhood are seldom forgotten.. I love to learn new spellings and wrong spellings irritate me to the core.

My 4 year old is not much into spellings yet, but I am trying to make him understand the importance of correct pronunciations. If the child has learnt phonetics well in pre-school/young age, he is most likely to make new words and new spellings faster along with the regular in-use vocab.

Few games to motivate the kids for spellings will include alphabet magnets, puzzle cards, flashcards etc. It’s always better to start with 2 and 3 letter words and pick the regular use words first.

I recently got to know about this amazing brand SKOLA TOYS that makes Montessori inspired wooden toys for kids of age 1 to 8 years. When I surfed through their website, a toy that caught my attention was WORD WHEEL and I knew immediately knew this is what I was looking for.

A great way to learn the spellings correctly and never do mistakes in spellings is by pronouncing letter-by-letter with phonetic sounds. So kids learn which alphabet should be associated with which sound.

Recently the 4-year old has learnt to write his 5-letter name and the first word he formed with his Word Wheel was his name..

We started with easy 2 & 3 letter words

To encourage him to learn spellings, I used the alphabet puzzle cards, a memory game cards, picture flash cards, magnetic alphabets.


  • The Word Wheel game is fun to learn spellings and make new spellings
  • The wheel movement is like a game for kids, so they enjoy it
  • A large number of spellings can be learnt with a single toy
  • By moving single wheel and keeping the other wheels same, the kids learn to form new spellings and also the role of phonetics
  • Enhance fine motor skills, memory and reasoning
  • Different types of games can be formed with just one toy –
  • 1. Keep first alphabet same & form words starting with it
  • 2. Form new words by changing only the last alphabet
  • 3. Form similar sounding words


  • Though it is absolutely child-proof and safe, I felt a little lighter toy would have been better. I was always scared of him dropping it on his toes
  • The wheel next to inner wheel should have more alphabets particularly vowels as in order to form 2 or 3 letter words, we need to involve the inner-most wheel

We are totally into learning spellings now, thanks to Skola Toys.

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Happy Learning


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11 thoughts on “Vocabulary Building Games for Kids

  1. Wow this looks really cool. I am sure my son will love it! I’m glad I came across your post.

  2. My son likes one of these games he has on his ipad that teaches little words and their pronunciation. But this looks very interesting to me. I will check this out.

  3. This is how learning should be- fun and interesting. Glad that brands are doing that with so much creativity.

  4. What a fabulous educational wheel toy by Skola to assist with learning spellings and phonetics of words.

  5. Skola Toys are the best when it comes to keeping kids engaged and learning. Teaching vocabulary comes so handy with such great toys.

  6. I am bookmarking this post and getting this spelling toy from skola maybe in a year. kenny is in montessori and just learning sounds for now. also just turning4 so we have time. but loved the idea behind this toy. very nice!

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