J for Jellyfish – don’t we all love the pretty umbrella-shaped marine animal floating with its tentacles. A collection if jellyfish is called “bloom”, “smack” or “swarm”.

Jellyfish is not a fish

Though these are called Jellyfish, they aren’t actually a type of fish. Fish are vertebrates, however the jellyfish are invertebrates. Their bodies constitute of 95% water and only 5% of proteins, muscles and nerve cells..

Inspite of the beauty of jellyfish, they can be pretty dangerous if they sting any human and they paralyze their prey before eating.

Jellyfish don’t have brain, heart or eyes

If you are following our journey or our blog, you would know how much we love paper plates and paper plate crafts, so here is another one of our popular crafts.

An underwater craft theme is incomplete without a Jellyfish craft. So just check out this super easy craft and lots of fun to play with.

Paper Plate Swimming  Jelly Fish Craft

This Jellyfish Swimming Craft is easy to make with whatever is available at home and will keep kids busy for sometime.


  • Paper plate
  • Felt/ chartpaper/ cardboard
  • Popsicle
  • Colorful yarn / thick threads/ ribbons
  • Blue paint
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter/ knife
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Green paper (optional)

Step 1: Paint the centre of the upper side of paper plate (the side we eat on) with blue color. Let it dry properly

Step 2: Cut 2 pieces of felt/chart paper of any color in the shape of umbrella or a cardboard. If you are using cardboard or white chartpaper, then color them

{I used felt as I just love the felt crafts and it becomes more sturdy}

Step 3: Stick the colorful yarn/thread strands on 1 side of a piece of umbrella shape – at the bottom (ref  pic below) – don’t stick too many yarns

The kids can help in the sticking yarns on the jellyfish part – oh! they just love sticking, don’t they!

Step 4: Stick the other piece over the piece with yarn stuck on it. (keeping the yarns in between). Let it dry properly else yarns will fall off

{my second piece was cut little smaller by mistake – result of working with a hyper-excited kid}

Trim the yarns and make then even sized. Don’t take too long strands

Step 5: Stick popsicle on any side of it. Let it dry

Step 6: Stick googly eyes on the other side and draw smiling face of our jellyfish using marker

Step 7: Cut the paper plate with paper cutter at a side for popsicle to slide through it (ref. pic for ref.)

Step 8: Draw stones and bubbles with black marker/paint for added ocean effect – optional

Step 9: Stick weeds /grass /  plants cut out from green paper or paint green – totally optional

Jellyfish Swimming Craft

Step 10: Insert the popsicle inside the cut we made in step 7, so that the jellyfish stays in front and popsicle goes behind and easy to move now.

Step 11: Now simply slide the jellyfish and enjoy the floating movement or the swimming jellyfish.

Isn’t that a cute jellyfish swimming craft!

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  1. My son is actually quite fascinated by jellyfish. He would love to do this activity at home.

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