K for kitten craft
Who wouldn’t love cute tiny kittens? 

Alphabets and phonics are learnt better and the sounds & words sustain in the minds of tiny ones when they do some crafts based on the alphabets and words starting with them.. and this is a fact that kids have an extra affection towards animals.

Few basic craft ideas for learning alphabets are:

  • Clay dough
  • Paper plate crafts
  • Finger painting
  • Pom pom alphabets
  • Pointillism alphabets
  • Dot markers

C for Cat and K for Kitten.
Let’s learn K for Kitten today by some cute kitty crafts.

Clay Dough Crafts

The benefits of working with clay dough are numerous for the little ones including fine motor skills and finger muscle development as well as sensory skills enhancement and creativity.

Age: 2+

Use the plastic knife and rolling pin that comes with clay dough kits to give shapes and for detailing. This enhances imagination and hand-eye coordination.
For younger kids, clay dough kitten can be made by using the stencil if given with the clay dough kit.








Or just flatten the clay on the base and create the details like eyes, ears, tail, whiskers (cat’s moustache) as this will be easier for young toddlers and those using clay for the first time.

For elder kids, create kitten by rolling clay dough balls and making a 3D kitty model. Googly eyes look even more cute.

Clay dough is so addictive that we couldn’t stop at just making one. So ended up making 2 kitties with some flowers.
The best part of using clay dough is that they are reusable and give scope to the creativity.

Working with clay dough is a helpful in emhancing finger muscle strength and an excellent pre-writing activity for preschoolers.


Yarn Kittens Craft

Age: 4+


  • Yarn of any 2 colors
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Foam
  • Your fingers
  • Glue

Step 1: Wrap yarn of one color around 3 fingers multiple times. Don’t keep it too tight on fingers.

Step 2: Tie it from the center

Step 3: Take it out from fingers and cut edges. Trim the shape. Keep under heavy book so that the shape is set.

Step 4: Stick the google eyes and foam ears

Step 5: Stick yarn of contrast color as whiskers of kitten and a foam mouth.

Isn’t the kitty pretty!
Tip: Don’t guide them too much. Just show and then let them craft using their own imagination.

Engaging kids in crafts is always more fun and learning along with mental development and enhancement of motor & sensory skills.

Encouraging kids to boost imagination is very important for free learning and enhancing creativity, which is crucial for overall development.


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