Learning Alphabets Crafts
Learning Alphabets
by doing crafts is an effective learning process for preschoolers. Involving kids in crafts at a younger age has proven benefits on mental and cognitive development of children.

Alphabet song is the most loved rhyme of kindergarten kids. Including crafts to learn alphabets is one of the best method to help kids remember the words associated with letters.

Using easy craft ideas which help enhance creativity and fine motor skills along with overall brain development.

Few Crafts for Learning Alphabets

  • Clay Dough
  • Finger paint
  • Pointillism
  • Pom Pom alphabet
  • Yarn alphabet
  • Dot markers
  • Mosaic Craft
  • Pattern coloring

Clay Dough Alphabets
Working with Clay dough enhances fine motor skills and finger muscles along with imagination and social skills. Hand-eye coordination is increased when kids focus on the detailing. Rolling and cutting clay dough strengthens finger and hand muscles as well. 

Finger painting
Painting with the fingers using child-safe paints is excellent way to boost creativity and fine motor and sensory skills. Kids just love to use their fingers to explore textures and painting with fingers is a wonderful opportunity. 

The Pointillism is an art by a tip or point. For kids, we can use a q-tip to create art. There are benefits of this technology like hand-eye coordination and focus and concentration.  

When the child fills the space by dipping q-tip with paint, it strengthens finger muscles and fine motor skills.

Dot Markers

Similar technique where dot markers can be used instead of a-tips. Method and benefits will remain similar.

Mosaic Craft

Sticking paper bits in the shapes of alphabets is an effective way to strengthen pincer grips as kids pick up tiny pieces of paper and stick them with blue. Needless to say excellent hand-eye coordination exercise.

This activity works fine for English alphabets as well numbers and Hindi varnamala (alphabets). Advancing further, can be used to create shapes with different colored and textured papers.

Pom Pom Alphabets
Who doesn’t love colorful Pom poms and the decorating the kid’s room with their initials decorated with colorful Pom poms. Using cloth pegs to stick Pom Pom is advanced version to strengthen finger muscles an d hand-eye coordination.

Pom Pom Alphabet

For creating Pom Pom alphabets, better to use thick cardboard for cutting alphabets so that it doesn’t tear up because of the weight. This is a wonderful Montessori activity for kids.

Yarn Alphabets

Wrapping and sticking yarns of similar or multiple colored yarns on cardboard cut alphabets. It can be decorated with stars or jewels or buttons or Pom poms as well.  Will be a great home decor idea as well.

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Learning Alphabets Crafts

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