Mosaic Crafts for Kids
What is Mosaic Crafts?

A mosaic is a picture or design or art work made by assembling small pieces of any material like paper, foam, glass, wood etc. of similar or different colors.
Mosaic art is created by making a bigger picture with smaller pieces combined together. It can be based on a theme/ shape or just abstract.

Mosaic Craft is a very good way to work on the fine motor skills and enhance imagination plus creating memories with kids.

We can ask kids what they would like to create and the color theme they have in mind, giving way to their creativity is very important.

Mosaic Crafts for kids:

This art form can be used in simplest form to create crafts with kids which will develop fine motor skills. The 2 craft works shown here were shared by a DIY mom in this post.

Age: 3+

  • Plain paper/ cardboard/ chart paper
  • Colored paper – plain or textured
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1
: Draw an outline or design – start with a simple design like a traffic light of car with not much detailing.

Step 2: Cut colored paper in small pieces (not necessarily square shape or all in equal size)


Step 3: Hand-over the drawing, glue and colored paper bits to child and let him/ her stick them as per his/ her wish. Don’t instruct them much, just give them a little idea on what to do and how to do.

Mosaic Craft for Kids

See the neat work and how pretty it looks!

All the finger muscles get to work when the kid picks up the tiny piece of paper, refining pincer grip and then works on hand-eye coordination when sticking them within the boundaries.

Some more designs created by a Mosaic Crafts by kids:


The background paper or window color might have been different, but sometimes we just have to follow the child’s instructions to keep his interest or manage with limited supplies.
Below is an example or reusing wrapping papers, instead of plain colored papers and recycling them to create a multicolor mosaic crafted boat.
Mosaic Craft for kids

Here I have used gift wrapping paper which I had saved from birthday party so that I can recycle them with interesting crafts.. Also the 2 papers in boat above have different textures – red one is simple paper whereas blue one is thin shiny polytheism type paper. So it will count as sensory activity as well.

Mosaic Craft Ideas:

  • Alphabets – English /Hindi /any language
  • Numbers
  • Country Flags
  • Rainbow
  • Nature scenes

This type of art form can also be used to learn alphabets and numbers. Just sticking paper bits inside the outline is important not the shape or pattern of sticking it. This enhances hand-eye coordination and concept of boundaries as well as shapes.

Also read Leaning Alphabet Crafts for kids.

At this time, when schools and parks are closed and kids are just confined in houses, engaging them in interesting activities will keep them relaxed and entertained; and parents sane. The mosaic Craft is very good technique for homeschooling and practicing Montessori at home.

Have you tried the mosaic Craft/ art form before? If yes, What you created?

Did you this form interesting enough to try with kids?

Share in comments below.

Save and share with parents and teachers you think might find it helpful.

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Mosaic Crafts for Kids

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9 thoughts on “Mosaic Crafts for Kids

  1. My daughter did lot of these crafts in school and we have also done a few. she loves doing it and its great fun watching her. I have done with colored paper but gift paper and news papers are good ideas too.

  2. mosaic crafts are very catchy and easy to learn activity, My son and me did a lot of mosaic crafts during his playgroup school time, waiting to join my daughter our team soon.thanks for sharing many more ideas related to this.

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