Towel Teddy Bear
Who doesn’t love a cuddly teddy bear!

How about making our own teddy bear at home in 10 minutes from a hand towel?

So here is an easy Peasy method of making a teddy bear in which kids can take part too and you don’t even much supplies or skills for it.. it’s a no-sew teddy bear.
The benefit of making a teddy bear with hand towel is that –

  • No risk of suffocating
  • Wash it anytime
  • Make a teddy bear of any color or size
  • Baby can sleep with it too
  • No worry of fine dust or particles for younger babies
  • Dismantle and use the towel when the baby is bored of it
  • No wastage

Convinced by the above listed benefits? So let’s get started to make our cuddly teddy.

Age: 2+


  • Hand towel – any size, any color, any design
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon
  • Googly eyes (optional)

Towel a Teddy Bear

Step 1: Lay the towel flat on a surface

Step 2: Take an idea of the center of the towel and Fold one (Shorter) end till the middle of the towel

Step 3: Start rolling/ folding from the longer side till the center of the towel like making a pipe

Step 4: Repeat step 3 from the other longer side, fold till the middle. Now both sides are rolled till center and it looks like 2 pipes together

Step 5: Turn it upside down, keeping rolled sides face down

Step 6: Twist half of the roll upwards (towards left as opening it up), from the side with folded end inside (side folded in step 2)

Step 7: Turn the other end backwards from the middle, rolling it over the other already half folded side (reducing length of pipes to half)

Step 8: Open it up from corners and wrap backwards, you will see ears forming on upper side (folded end)

Step 9: Tie a rubber band from folded side,  so as to secure face

Step 10: Smoothen out the front body crease and Tie rubber bands on sides for ears

Step 11: the Back side might still have foldings,  but the front looks neat teddy bear shaped

Step 12: Tie ribbon over the neck rubber band and stick googly eyes on it’s face. Stick buttons too (totally optional).

Ok, I agree following written instructions can be difficult, so here is a video tutorial.



Did you like the easy no-sew teddy bear?

I had already made 2 bears – a brown and a purple and they both are sleeping in their bed as I type this post.
I am happy that I figured this towel teddy bear out as my son has dust allergy and the soft toys are prone to accumulating dust even if washed regularly.

So I used to be always paranoid for my son playing with furry teddy or holding it too close to body or sleeping with it..

But now with this cute no-sew towel teddy bear, I just washed away my worries. Now this teddy can go for a bath at night and be ready again in the morning for playing. How cool is that!

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Towel Teddy Bear


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  1. Wow Kinshoo, you really are very creative. These kind of innovative crafts are going to become even more important in coming times I feel, as people won’t want to buy extra things to clutter their homes.

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