Tissue Roll Octopus Craft
O for Octopus!

The best way to enable a child learn more words starting with same alphabet is by including a craft work in the learning process, and it makes much easier for the kid to remember.

Like it’s said – “you hear you forget, you see you remember, you make and you never forget again”.

So most of the nurseries and homeschooling parents involve kids in more and more crafting rather than just repeating and cramming, which has definitely proved to be more beneficial.

Added benefits of doing crafts with young kids are enhancement of fine and gross motor skills, strengthening of finger muscles, sensory and cognitive brain development, to mention a few.

I am a firm believer of Recycle and Reuse, especially when it comes to crafts, diy projects and activities that we do at home. And I hoard tissue rolls, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, any kind of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles etc.

Similarly, here we will make an Octopus with a tissue roll in just 10 minutes. Easy right! So let’s roll.

Tissue Roll Octopus Craft

Age: 3+


  • Tissue roll
  • Color or colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Glitter glue
  • Embellishments/ jewels (optional)

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Step 1: Color the tissue roll with water colors/ acrylic colors or stick any colored paper. I have used blue water color. Let it dry

Step 2: Cut this stripes from one end about an inch long and few cams wide, to make the tentacles of octopus and bend them outwards. Refer pic. ( cut length and width depending on the size of the tissue roll you are using)

Step 3: Stick googly eyes and paint a smile.

Step 4: Add glitter glue, embellishments or jewels – purely decorative purpose.

Tissue roll craft

Easy peasy right? And cute too !
So don’t throw away those tissue rolls or any kind of cardboard rolls or boxes you come across and you can check some recycling diy Crafts here.

We made this Octopus Craft for a recycle project in nursery. I never believed in making projects which kids can’t get involve into. So always choose the easier ones for tiny kids.

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Tissue Roll Octopus Craft


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