Paper Plate Crafts
PAPER PLATES are my favorite craft items as the possibilities are endless. We just  need paper plate and colors and make literally anything we want.

So far we have made paper plate lion & dino mask, elephant & owl Craft, swimming jellyfish Craft, Gift for Dino daddy and Dino mommy, wax art, pointillism, face Craft, Pumpkin, fish, Tiranga Craft etc.

I always suggest parents with small kids, to keep a stock of few essential craft supplies, get a FREE PRINTABLE check-list here. It becomes easier to engage them in crafts and activities at home, especially in times like today, if we have stock of some of the basic craft items at home.

Kids, in general, love animals and dinosaurs and we can make face mask of any animal with just paper plate, color and googly eyes.

Age: 2+


  • Paper plates
  • Child-safe colors
  • Brush
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Ribbon (for face mask)
  • Popsicle 
  • Glitter Glue (optional)

Paper Plate Fish
Paper Plate Fish

This was our first paper plate crafts and the easiest. I think the steps are not even required for this one. Still sharing steps to help parents who are just starting doing crafts with kids, like I did.

Step 1: Draw pattern on the paper plate and cut the mouth

Step 2: Let the child color the fish

Step 3: Draw eyes or stick googly eyes

Paper Plate Dinosaur Mask

Paper Plate Dinosaur Mask

Step 1: Cut a paper plate according to face size of baby and make holes for eyes

Step 2: Let the baby color his/ her dino

Step 3: Cut spikes, nose and horns from another paper plate or plain paper and color it or use colored paper

Step 4: Add glitter glue for added attraction (optional)

Step 5: Tie a ribbon by making holes on sides, to make it a mask

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft
Paper Plate Dinosaur Crafts

Step 1: Cut the dinosaur shapes from a paper plate

Step 2: Let the child color the dino with colors of his/ her choice

Step 3: Cut, color and stick the spikes, head, legs and tail from the rest of the cut part of the paper plate or another paper plate

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

Step 4: You can also make ITV a mosaic craft by sticking small pieces of colored paper over it

Step 5: Draw eyes and mouth with marker

For coloring paper plates, crayons or pencil colors or water colors can be used, as per child’s age and choice.

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Swimming Jelly Fish Craft

This is one of our cutest crafts and most loved crafts on Facebook. And this does require more adult assistant and a little more stuff than listed above like felt, yarn, colored paper, popsicle. But once made, it turns out so much fun especially because of the swimming movement of jelly fish. Check the detailed Tutorial post of paper plate swimming jelly fish craft here.

Paper Plate Lion Mask

Paper Plate Lion Mask

Step 1: Give the child yellow color and paper plate, and let him paint it. You may choose to color the center with a different yellow and outer different.

Step 2: Cut the edges of the plate to make lion’s mane at a certain distance towards the center. (Refer pic)

Step 3: Stick googly eyes or draw eyes, nose and mouth with paint or stick colored paper

Step 4: Tie a ribbon to make it a mask.

Paper Plate Owl mask

Paper Plate Owl Craft

This winged flying paper plate owl mask craft was made by my 3 year old with little guidance, of course. And needless to say we are very proud of us. 

Check a detailed video tutorial here.

Ribbon can be tied to make it as a mask. 

Mother’s Day Craft

I personally loved this one most as I created the printable for this.  The theme was dinosaur because my son loves dinos. The baby Dino hugging mommy Dino Craft just melts my heart and leaves me wanting to hug my Dino baby more.

Download the FREE PRINTABLE template for theMother’s Day Dinosaur Craft here.

Father’s Day Craft

When we have made Dino mommy craft, a Dino daddy craft becomes a must. So on special demand by little one, I created a template for Dino daddy craft to give our dad on Father’s Day.

Get FREE PRINTABLE for the Father’s Day Dino Craft here.
Did you like our easy Peasy paper plate crafts?

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15+ Paper Plate Crafts
15+ Paper Plate Crafts


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