No Sew Felt Quiet Book

QUIET BOOK was my first DIY Project that I did for my son. After screening a lot Pinterest posts and craving to do something creative other than just taking care of baby and chores, I finally decided to try my hands on a felt quiet book.

But since I can’t sew and I didn’t even have the required materials. I planned on starting with simple no-sew felt pages first. So started with basic shapes, then moved on to thread/ribbon lengths, and trying different felt patterns , objects and even buttons.

I must say, I still can’t believe some of the pages came out so well, that I am proud of myself and satisfied, and happy that I thought of taking up this project. Just to say, success of these felt pages was the reason behind my other DIY Projects and my blog as well. In short, starting point of my journey as a DIY BLOGGER.

Benefits of introducing young kids to felt quiet book are:

  • Enhancement of fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Sensory skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Understanding of concepts – shapes, numbers, lengths, day & night, nature, movements 
  • Logical reasoning 

Age: 2+


  • Felt sheets of different colors
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Velcro
  • Pencil/marker
  • Threads/ribbons
  • Thread & needle

Alright so let’s start with the easiest one-

No Sew Felt Quiet Book

FELT SHAPES – shapes & colors recognition 

Step 1: Cut base felt sheet in the desired length 

Step 2: Cut shapes from from different colored felt sheets – circle, square, triangle, hearts, diamond, oval, rectangle etc. – 2 pieces of each shape

Step 3: Stick 1 piece of each shape with hot glue on the base felt sheet

Step 4: Stick 1 piece of Velcro on each shape respectively (refer pic). If you feel the Velcro can come out if baby ties to pull it, then stick it also with hot glue on both pieces. 

Tada.. done. Simple right!

No Sew Felt Quiet Book No Sew Felt Quiet Book
SURPRISE EGGS – concept of hidden objects 

Remember the poem “surprise eggs”? Yes, got this idea from that poem, since my toddler used to say “surprise” a lot.

Step 1: Cut felt pieces of different colors in egg shape. Cut from middle (refer pic)

Step 2: Stick only the edges of the egg to the base sheet, leaving a pocket in center

Step 3: Cut any object shapes – car, star, fish, bird, duck, apple etc.

Step 4: Hide the shape in each egg and let the fun begin.. 

No Sew Felt Quiet Book No Sew Felt Quiet Book

BALLOONS – length measurements

Step 1: Cut balloons of different colored felt sheets

Step 2: Stick 1 side of Velcro on the base sheet at different heights and other part on each balloon

Step 3: Stick threads/ ribbons of different lengths on the balloons

Now the child has to measure the length of the balloon thread according to the Velcro on the base sheet and put the balloon of matching length on each Velcro.

No Sew Felt Quiet BookNo Sew Felt Quiet Book

Step 1: Cut the shapes of house and grass with colors of choice and stick on base sheet

Step 2: Cut a square piece (smaller than base, but enough big to stick sun and clouds) of light blue color felt and stick only the 3 sides of it, above the house, leaving a pocket at the top (refer pic)

Step 3: Cut a black piece of same size of light blue felt and stick the top of it, over the edge of light blue felt, leaving the rest of black felt to be able to open as a flap (refer pic 2)

Step 4: Cut details like sun, moon, clouds, stars

No Sew Felt Quiet BookNo Sew Felt Quiet Book

Step 5: The sun, moon, clouds and stars can be stored in the pocket of light blue felt. I did not stick them or used Velcro here

Step 6: Now we have 2 scenes – a day (light blue felt) and a night (black felt) on the same page

Step 7: The child can be taught the sun and clouds are seen during day (light blue felt) and moon and stars come at night (black felt)

Isn’t it easy and interesting! And so many learnings in just 1 page – logical, conceptual, fine motor skills when taking out the sun and moon from the pocket and placing over sheet and then putting them back.

No Sew Felt Quiet Book No Sew Felt Quiet Book


Step 1: In this I tried my hand on hand-sewing. Cut the rectangle pieces of felt and sew top edge on the base sheet (you may choose to stick too)

Step 2: Cut the numbers with felt and stick over each flap

Step 3: Stitch buttons or stick respective number of felt pieces of any shape or size under each flap

No Sew Felt Quiet Book

WATERMELON SEEDS – counting, size & hiding seeds

Step 1: Cut a nice pink color semi-circle watermelon and green color boundary to form the peel

Step 2: Stick the edge of pink watermelon and green edge over it, leaving the rest of watermelon open as a pocket (refer pic)

No Sew Felt Quiet Book
Step 3: Cut small black colors seeds of different sizes

Step 4: These seeds will be hiding in the pocket in the watermelon

Now the child has to take out these seeds and place over the water melon ( I have not used Velcro here, just placing the seeds and putting them back in the pocket).

No Sew Felt Quiet Book

Step 1: Cut sea waves with blue felt. I took 2 colors because I had, single color is fine too

Step 2: I have hand-sewed the edges, you may stick with hot glue too, leaving the center part open as a pocket for fish & sea animals to swim

Step 3: Cut shapes of fish of other sea animals with colorful felt. Fish in the pic are market- bought 

No Sew Felt Quiet Book


Step 1: Cut shapes of car, tree, building, sun, clouds, bird, airplane etc. and stick on the base sheet accordingly

Step 2: The car and the bird are doing a movement. So these are 2 pieces of each with a thick ribbon/thread in between

Now here 2 movements are shown – up & down and left & right, so good exercise for the tiny finger muscles

No Sew Felt Quiet Book No Sew Felt Quiet Book

BUMBLEBEE – size & patterns   
Step 1: Cut a circular bumblebee with yellow color felt and stick on base sheet, leaving one side open as a pocket (to keep the black stripes)

Step 2: Cut and stick wings and antenna

Step 3: Cut black felt stripes of different sizes – different length & thickness 

Now the child here learns concept of size – difference in length while placing the black stripes over the bumblebee (shorter in corners and bigger in center). 
No Sew Felt Quiet Book

NATURE – use of titch buttons

Step 1: Cut leaves, stem and a base/pot (base can be of any color)

Step 2: Stick or sew the stem on the base sheet and the base/ pot from 3 sides, leaving center open as a pocket to store the leaves 

Step 3: Sew titch buttons – one side on the base sheet and other on each leaf

Good exercise of finger muscles, along with enhancement of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination improvement in this activity.

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7 thoughts on “No Sew Quiet book

  1. That is a lovely quiet book with so many activities. You for sure had worked very hard on it. Thank you for sharing and of course starting the blog to give us ideas 🙂

  2. This is superb Kinshoo.. Quiet books are on my list too for the series. You have nailed it and completely doable by anyone with basic knowledge of scissors, shapes, etc.

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