Reuse Recycle Plastic Bottle into Police Car

Recycled & Reused Crafts are my favorite DIY projects. Always prefer up-cycling trash or recycling waste materials into interesting crafts. 
Why waste or throw when you can DIY?
It’s always beneficial to start teaching kids early about going #ecofriendly and avoiding wasting and limiting use of plastic. And the kids get a message and a learning – protect mother-earth.
When we must limit usage of single-use plastic and any kind of plastics overall, we all tend to fall in the trap as more than 90% of the worldly items are plastic theses days.

And picking up a water or cold-drink bottle on-the-go becomes inevitable at times. So in case, you had to buy any, why throw, just DIY and reuse or better upcycle, as these plastic bottles can’t be used for storing food items or drinks.

So, we got a school project to make best-out-of-waste craft. I asked my son, he wanted to make a Police Car, ofcourse.

So I thought of turning a plastic water bottle into a Police Car and the boy was super excited to show off his new Cop-car to friends at school.

Reuse& Recycle Plastic Bottle into Police Car

Age: 4+


  • Plastic bottle
  • Colored Chart paper for car
  • Kite paper or any thinner paper of contrast color
  • Black color/paint/paper
  • Cardboard/ cereal box 
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Glue
  • Paper cutter
  • Star sticker (optional)

Step 1: Wrap colored paper of your choice around the bottle. We chose red

Step 2: Cut cardboard in the shape of 4 circular wheels and 1 piece for back side of the car.

Step 3: Cut a piece from the top of the car from 3 sides using paper cutter but don’t remove it and pull it up. It’s the seat for our policeman

Police Car

Step 4: Color or stick black paper on wheels and Stick the wheels on the side

Step 5: Color or stick paper of same color (red here) of car on the circular piece we had cut in Step 2 and stick it at the back

Police Car

Step 6: Cut a stripe of color contrast to the color of the car and stick at the front of the bottle (refer pic). We chose yellow
7: Write POLICE in the stripe (yellow here) with a marker. Let dry

Police Car

Step 8: Let it dry for sometime so that the wheels become firm, before handing over to the kid. Then the baby can stick stars on the car.. totally optional step, suggested by my 4 year old

And our Police Car is ready to roll !

Cost: ZERO !!
Do you want to see it in motion? Here you go !!
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The same way can be used to make a racing car or just a family car also.. just need an excuse to recycle and reuse those lying plastic bottles to put them to good use.
Did you like this 15-minute idea of recycling and reusing plastic bottles to convert into car?
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Reuse Recycle Plastic Bottle into Police Car
Reuse Recycle Plastic Bottle into Police Car

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  1. These hobby ideas for kids during the pandemic are fantastic! They provide productive and enjoyable ways to keep children engaged at home. Thanks for the suggestions!

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