SUMMERS are approaching, though people have already lost count of days and month being home stuck and everyday is same when you work from home in pajamas and kids study from home in pajamas.

What is the best part of the summers?
One can play with water and ice and eat lots of ice cream, isn’t it!
In this post, you will read Few of the famous summers crafts for kids are:

  • Squishy Sun Craft
  • Felt Icecream craft

Also including a Few interesting summer activities for kids are:

  • Salt Art
  • Frozen toys
  • Bubble bath for toys

Squishy Sun Craft

Summer means Sun so if one has to make a summer craft, first thing has to be the Sun.

Age: 2+


  • 2 Paper plates
  • Water color – orange, yellow and red
  • Zip-lock bag
  • Baby 😉

Step 1: Squeeze out paint of all 3 colors on the center part of paper plate (cut off the curvy edges)

Step 2: Place it inside zip-lock bag and seal

Step 3: hand it over to child and show him how to spread the color and then let him squish the paint

Step 4: Take the paper plate out once the child is done with squishing and scrape of the excess paint by placing this plate over the other plate

Step 5: Spread in all directions so that it looks like sun rays and then stick the sun paper plate over the other plate with rays. Let dry. 

Check out this video of toddler enjoying squishing-

Felt Ice-cream Craft
My son loved decorating his own popsicles and it was easy for me to make these no-sew felt ice creams for him.

Age: 3+


  • Felt sheets of any color
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pom Pom, jewels, glitter glue, confetti – anything to decorate the popsicles

Step 1: Cut felt sheet in the shape of popsicles – 2 pieces of each color. We made 3 popsicles.

Step 2: Stick these together with popsicle stick in between. Let dry.

Step 3: Let the child decorate his popsicles. We used Pom poms, glitter glue and jewels.

Felt Ice cream craft

Salt Art

This is totally addictive. When I tried my hand on it first, ended up making 2-3 arts and same goes with my boy.

Age: 3+


  • Chart paper
  • Salt
  • White glue
  • Food color or diluted water color
  • Dropper or brush

Step 1: Draw any pattern or write any word with glue on paper

Step 2: Sprinkle salt over it, shake off excess salt after the salt settles over glue

Step 3: Drop color on the salt with a dropper or brush. The color should be of watery consistency so that it flows on the salt in both directions

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with different colors till you finish coloring the pattern. Let dry

PS: it takes a lot of time for the salt art to dry, so be careful not to move it as the color might run down.

Step 5: Once it’s completely dried, shake off excess salt

Check this quick video

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Frozen Toys

Summers are perfect time for playing with water and ice. Any child would love to see Frozen toys and then breaking the ice to excavate the toys.



  • Toys
  • Water
  • Food color
  • Plastic hammer or spoon

Well freezing the toys is easy part. Either freeze directly in a plastic box or use balloon for freezing the toy.

Add food color for more fun. Excavating dinosaur fossils has been our favorite.

The fun part is breaking the ice or melting the ice. So we can use 3 techniques for exploring the frozen toy-

  • Breaking the ice with hammer or spoon
  • Throwing the ice cubes in bath tub
  • Pouring salt or warm water over ice

Bubble Bath for Toys

What could be a better time than summer to give a nice bubble bath to all animal toys and dinosaurs!

Add more fun by sticking a ruler on the top of an inverted box, and make the dinosaur jump from it to the bubble bath box below.

Fun right?

Some other interesting water activities for summers are:

  • Paint the bath tub
  • Spray paint

What all activities do you do in summers?
Share in comments below.

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Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

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