All Season Tree Crafts for Kids

TREES are depiction of seasons. Spring would have green lush leaves swinging on the trees, which began to turn yellow and fall in the autumn season. Winter is marked by the Christmas Tree all over the world.

So to teach kids about different seasons, trees are the best crafts to make with them. For the trees crafts, I have predominantly used bubble wrap, straw and q-tips. Use of these materials also has more benefits than just another craft activity:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Cognitive skills
  • Sensory skills
  • Strengthening of hand muscles
  • Creativity

These easy crafts are perfectly for Montessori curriculum or just following some absolutely practical Montessori teaching techniques at home.
The best thing is you don’t need too many materials to create a tree craft or any kind of special artistic skills or prior preparation. Any person with even lesser to zero craft skills can also do this craft.

Painting with Bubble Wrap

Age: 3+


  • White paper
  • Paint – green, yellow, red, orange, brown
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Brush


Tree Craft

Step 1: Draw a tree trunk and branches with brown color on white paper – use sketch colors or water colors

Step 2: Take green color on a plate and cut small pieces of bubble wrap

Step 3: Dip the bubble wrap in green color dab on the paper

Step 4: Now take yellow color near the green on the plate and mix little yellow with green. So now we have three shades – green, light green and yellow.

Step 5: Dab some leaves on ground too


Bubble Wrap Fall Art Bubble Wrap Fall Art

Follow the same steps as explained above and use only orange and yellow colors instead of green to make fall leaves of the autumn tree

There are 2 techniques which can be used with bubble wrap: 

1. Dip small piece of bubble wrap in color and then dab it on paper to make abstract shape (pic 1 above and below)

Bubble Wrap Fall Tree

2. Apply paint on bubble wrap in a circular shape by filling the bubbles and then put on paper to make the same shape (pic 2 above)


Christmas Tree Craft

Step 1: Draw shape of a Christmas Tree on the white plain paper and paint brown tree trunk

Step 2: Use above steps to create tree but be careful of the shape.

Step 3: Paint ornaments of the tree with finger-painting – more fun for kids and sensory skills development

Step 4: Draw or stick a star on top of the tree

Painting with q-tip

This technique is called Pointillism which is very effective in neural development along with problem-solving skills. Check Some more Pointillism craft ideas here
Age: 3+


  • White paper
  • Paint – yellow, orange, brown
  • q-tip
  • Brush

Fall Tree Craft

Step 1: Draw the tree stem and branches and paint them brown

Step 2: Take thick yellow and orange colors in plate
Step 3: Tie 4-5 q-tips together with rubber band
Step 4: Dip them in paint and dab on the paper

Step 5: Cover all the branches with yellow- orange leaves and paint some fallen leaves on ground too

Painting with Straw

Age: 3+


  • White paper
  • Paint – yellow, orange, brown
  • Straw 
  • Brush

Tree Craft with Straw

Step 1: Draw and color brown tree with branches

Step 2: Water down the orange and yellow colors and drop on the paper

Step 3: Explain the child how to blow the straw and let him make fall tree with flowing leaves by blowing in the straw

Basically these techniques can be used to create any types of tree or any other design or art. These techniques not only enhance creativity and imagination but also beneficial for neural, cognitive and overall brain development.

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