Under the sea crafts

UNDERWATER WORLD is so beautiful and fascinating. The sight of colorful fish, jelly fish, star fish, green lush flora is absolutely amazing.

I believe all kids are amused by under the sea world and every child loves sea creatures.. be it jelly fish, octopus, crab, shark or just a golden fish.
Benefits of crafting with kids:

  • Enhances creativity 
  • Understanding of living creatures and body party
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Language development
  • Boosts bonding between child and caregiver 

So here are some of the Under the Sea Craft Ideas.

Under the Sea World

This is a perfect recycle craft to put a show box to use and create a underwater world in your house. The paintings on the sides of the box are painted by the child and so are the fish, octopus, sea horse. Stuck them to the roof of the box and we have our sea-world ready.

Under the Sea Craft

Swimming Jelly Fish

This swimming Jelly Fish Craft is one of our most loved and viewed craft on Facebook. The jelly fish is made of felt with strands of colorful yarn as tentacles. Check step-by-step tutorial here.


Tissue Roll Octopus

I love reusing water items and hoard tissue rolls and tissue boxes so that I can always turn them into crafts and recycle. Absolutely simple and easy craft that 3 year old child can make. Check detailed steps for this tissue roll octopus here

Why waste when you can DIY?

Tissue Roll Octopus Craft

Paper Plate Fish

We love paper plates and the paper plate crafts. We have made masks, dinosaurs, owl etc from paper plates. These super easy paper plate fish crafts were a hit with my toddler that we ended up making two. 

Felt Fish

Felt quiet book are beneficial in helping kids develop their fine and gross motor skills along with sensory skills. The best part of using felt activity books are that they are reusable, washable, and tear-proof. Check step-by-step tutorial of no-sew felt quiet book here.

Handprint/Footprint Crafts

Why should we leave those tiny toddlers from enjoying crafting! Handprint and footprints crafts are the best for them. We can create fish, Crab, Octopus, Jelly fish by putting colors on those tiny hands.

Handprint Fish Craft
This was our gift for Daddy on his birthday. What can be more precious than child’s handprints!

Octopus handprint

This is made by taking prints of both hands together. 

Under the sea crafts

Fish and Gold fish 

Notice the placement of fingers in each picture to give the shape of animal we are making. . 
Under the sea craftsUnder the sea crafts

Crab is also a sea animal, so let’s make a crab as well. Notice the shape the both hands are placed it.

Under the sea crafts
TIP: Show the child how to put hands on the paper.

Always use child-safe paints and keep tissues our cloth nearby and immediately wipe off the hands/foot. 

Which type of animals are your favorite- land or water?
Did you find our sea crafts useful?
Share in comments below.

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Underwater Crafts


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9 thoughts on “Underwater Crafts for Kids

  1. I have enjoyed seeing some of these crafts in your previous posts. I really appreciate the thematic divisions you make- it’s a great way to teach our children about a specific topic!

  2. I loved this felt fish and handprint craft, used to do all with my son when he was in preschool, now I am all set to do with my daughter, your post is going to help me a lot KInshoo. Thanks for sharing creative crafts.

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