Recycling is one of my favorite activity especially for craft – it gives satisfaction and minimizes wastage as well as it’s eco-friendly. And we make  something god out of waste, that feeling is amazing.

Paper Collage is a wonderful activity to engage young kids and it has benefits too; in addition to recycling old magazines and books 😉

Sticking the paper cuttings carefully with glue enhances fine motor skills and gives a way to the imagination & creativity – FREE THINKING!

Age: 3+


  • Cuttings of magazines, used activity sheets, drawing books etc.
  • Glue
  • Chart paper/ cardboard/ plain paper

This sticking picture activity can keep the kids engage for hours – the more pictures to stick; the better it is for mommy; and more time for her to sip her hot coffee 😉

BONUS: You get to recycle those magazines and books you have been meaning to discard and just didn’t know how to. #recycle #reuse

Picture Collage made by 3 year old

TIP: Glue stick is  better and less messy than liquid glue.

Letting them choose a theme of their choice, a picture of their choice is an excellent idea to give way to their imagination and it will be more interesting to ask them what they were thinking while creating.. !!

See for yourself in this video:

These days when school, park, play areas and malls are shut due to the deadly corona virus outbreak globally, we are stuck indoors and has become more difficult to entertain kids at home 24*7.

This activity can be a savior at such time.

Add variations as per age:

  1. Let the child cut the pictures himself/ herself with child-safe scissors if the child is can handle scissors.
  2. Let them stick colored paper/textured paper/ wrapping paper/ craft paper within a shape or create an art with them like MOSAIC ART.

No need to cut papers in any particularly shape or size. the child can be allowed to tear the paper as well- good for fine motor skills.

3. Create a scene by painting some the nature – sky, grass, rainbow (our favorite) and sticking the pictures of sun, people, objects, animals, trees etc.. by filling up the space.

Painting & Collage Made by 5 year old

I have recycled the cardboard of Ikea mirror and pictures from the completed activity sheets. I was honestly tired of the pile of activity sheets and books, but didn’t want to throw the cute picture books either. So this idea struck me and it just worked so well. My boy was super happy because he got to do his favorite thing – STICKING!!

Check out this Instagram video of collage in the making.

Just to mention, which picture goes where was totally his idea. I just handed him the pictures and glue stick and went to the kitchen.

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  1. Recycling is one of our favorite craft activity and I had done so many recycling projects with my girls. our idea of making college with old books is super awesome. will try this soon with my girls.

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