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Women will not be empowered in true sense until they learn to fight for themselves and accept them as they are. There are so many titles and prejudices that society, including women, has for other women who dare to speak about their rights or fight against injustice.

A lot has been said and done about the same, but a TV series based on this ideology was much needed. And ZEE5 is bringing just that to your doorstep, which obviously you can watch on your couch.

CHURAIL, is often a term used for women who are looked down upon by society due to their act/thoughts which are “considered” evil by others. The people like to call women as “Churails” who take the decisions of their life on their own, who back-answer haters or who just stand up against violence. Though the title might seem like a horror series, but it falls in thriller suspense genre.


Churail is a new show on ZEE5 which is a story of 4 strong women who are set to seek justice for their fellow women who are cheated or ill-treated by their husbands. What’s more intriguing is that they form a secret detective agency which is run under the disguise of a boutique and where the sales staff are investigators and changing rooms are rooms for exchanging information and payment.

Their team finds out the truth for their clients and brings them justice. Thery are not afraid of the patriarchal society any more.

Director’s Take

The director, who is a critically acclaimed director, Asim Abbasi, in this series has portrayed the aggression of women and the reason they have to be aggressive after having suffered centuries of abuse, neglect, violence and injustice.

Churail series fills the gap, a more timely and much-needed show to make women realize, it’s time to take charge of their lives and raise voice against every act or person who tries to demean them or degrade them or exploits in any way.

ZEE5 and the Churail show have a bigger purpose of encouraging dialogue and talk about the existing stigmas or prejudices associated with strong and empowered women. The show points out the loopholes in justice system and the sickening mentality of patriarchal society. And  how the exploited women learn to live with emotional and physical injuries and seldom report them.

The Cast

There is a word around that this series can be considered as Pakistani story of Charlie’s Angels but Churail presents more practical scenario and depicts that there is no blind idealism. The protagonists are four strong- willed determined women coming from different walks of life representing empowerment and sisterhood.

Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Mehar Bano and Yasra Rizvi are the lead actresses of the show who are playing the part of different professionals and have done their roles excellently as secret detectives.


I personally enjoy thriller suspense stories, especially the ones centered on women and showcases women as protagonists who refuse to settle for less. So I am finding this show intriguing and must watch.

Watch Churail streaming on ZEE5 to witness a powerful performance by women with bold and intelligent story-telling which is determined to open channels for conversation on so-called Churails of society. #MainChurailHoon


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