Folks! I am super delighted to inform you that I am a published author now!!


I hereby announce that I have recently published my first ebook “A to Z Crafts For Kids” on Amazon Kindle.

Let me share with you few things about this book and why you should download it and read.

Book: A to Z crafts for kids

Author: Kinshoo Agarwal

Genre: Craft Book for kids

About the book:

The book starts with the Benefits of involving kids, as young as 2 year olds, in crafts activities and how easy and creative it can get. Also includes few tips for parents trying crafts or such activities for the first time.

The book contains A to Z crafts which means craft titles starting with each alphabets, but not limited to particular alphabet. In short, the book has numerous CRAFTS IDEAS which can be performed with varied capacities and innumerable concepts.

The crafts included are absolutely simple and can be performed with easily available items at home, and kids can make these themselves with little or no help from adults. Though I always recommend adult supervision at all times.



I honestly was doubtful whether I will get even 100 downloads when it was first published on Blogchatter website, but when the number of downloads touched 500 within 10 days of launch, my happiness was beyond explanation.

This craft book for kids received so much appreciation from fellow moms and mom bloggers and few of them even considered this book for kids as “must-haves” for parents, especially in present times when keeping kids engaged is challenging for everybody.

Read few book reviews by fellow bloggers:

What can be the best reward for an author other than genuine honest reviews from the target audience, in this case – moms.

Ruchi has listed this ebook  in the category of 7 must-haves books for parents. Read here.

This book is for all parents must have to spend good quality time with kids with easy DIY and craft for kids.

Ruchi (Wigglingpen)

Even I believe, crafts are best way to spend time with kids and make memories. The skill development is always a bonus.

Akansha found the crafts activities of the book as simple, engaging, and enchanting. Read here.

It is a must have for every mommy out there. With easy to get raw items, nothing fancy or costly ingredients every activity is explained very well

Akansha (Mominprocess)

One really need not run out of house to gather craft supplies. Instead I believe in re-using the trash or just recycling the available items.

Dr. Surbhi found the crafts interesting and the concept explanations as informative. Read here.

Described each craft with proper details (step by step) method and includes all essential steps to make a perfect craft with your little ones


The main objective of the book is to introduce different concepts of arts which enhance over-all cognitive and find-motor skill developments.

Neha, an educationist, finds this book good for educational purposes and shares her favorite crafts from the book. Read here.

It even helps your children to understand different festivals, celebrations, and seasons. Crafts with bubble wrap, Pointillism, foam, popsicles, and frozen dinosaurs are worth to try.

Neha Jain

Like I always say – learning is more fun with crafts and creative activities. I have been doing crafts with my son, since he was 1.5 years old and I must admit, I have notices great difference in his imagination and attraction towards crafts. 

Most important of which is – he wants to attempt eveything on his own.

Almost 500 downloads within 10 days of launch on Blogchatter website and 200+ downloads within 10 days of publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Isn’t that outstanding! Well unbelievable for me.

So many people messaged me that they found this book so useful and perfect at this time, that they referred it to their friends as well.

Definitely not what I expected, or even imagined. The response and appreciation this book received cleared all my doubts and definitely boosted my confidence, much needed.

Wouldn’t you like to check for yourself, what’s so special in this book?


It’s available for FREE Download on Kindle Unlimited and a nominal price for Kindle.

So download your copy and if you find it useful, do share with other parents and kids who love crafts as much as we do.

Sharing is Caring, right!



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27 thoughts on “#BookReview – A to Z Crafts for Kids

  1. I already downloaded this book and loved the easy and really engaging craft ideas!! Such a lovely review

  2. Congratulations Kishnoo for the book. I have read your posts in A2Z and I liked all the craft ideas. With kids, we need some handy craft and diy ideas.

  3. Congratulations for coming up with such a useful book… It definitely awakens kids imagination and creativity. Must book at this time when kids are spending so much time at home.

  4. Wow congratulations. I totally admire mom’s like you who create exciting ways to keep the kids engaged while they learn a lot of things. All the best for more books.

  5. Sorry, dear! I missed the posts and didn’t aware of the book. I will download and I and my kids will enjoy these craft ideas. Congratulations and best wishes!!

  6. Congratulations on the wonderful news about your new book.Craft and DIY are a lot of fun for kids of all age group .Its wonderful to be an author.

  7. congratulations for your book. I will download this book for sure. Me and my son , we will learn so many crafts also from this book.

  8. Congratulations for publishing this ebook. This is surely useful for kids as they love doing craft activities. I am sharing this with my nephew he will love it.

  9. Art and craft websites and books are pretty limited. Ofcourse this book is a delight. I have always imagined that mums and dads who spend time doing DIY art and craft have a lot of patience in them. It’s my dream to sit and do some pretty DIY stuff with my not-so-littel one.

  10. Thanks to Indiblogr found your site! This is so creative and me being a striving artist, finds it is so important to engage kids into arts and crafts to allow them to explore perspectives.

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