Yarn Crafts for kids

Yarn Crafts are our recent discovered love and we are totally loving making Pom poms with yarn and little one helps in making Pom poms and then enjoy playing with them.

I just got few left over  Yarn bundles remaining from my mom’s work. The colors availability in yarn gives lot of scope for variety and creativity. We have made Pom Pom birdies, Jelly fish, cat and bunny so far using yarns.

Mommy & Baby Yarn Pom Pom birdie

It’s easier than I thought to make Pom poms with yarn, even my 5 year old helped out in making these DIY Yarn Pom Poms.

Yarn Pom Pom Craft

Age: 5+


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Fork
  • Googly eyes
  • Red paper
  • Glue

Step 1: Using the usual technique of making Pom Pom with a fork – tie the yarn around the fork and take multiple rounds according to the size you want – we made 2 sizes for mommy and baby birdie.

Step 2: Then tie from center and take out from the fork and cut the edges and give the symmetry

Step 3: Fluff the Pom pom by rubbing in between palm

Step 4: Stick google eyes and red nose

Yarn Pom Pom Craft
Cute, isn’t it! The eyes just added life to the Pom Pom balls.
The little boy was super proud of himself and so we made two of these Yarn Pom Pom birdies.
See a short stop-motion video we made-

Yarn Cat/ Kitten

So I have used similar technique as above for Pom pms, except I have used fingers instead of fork.

Age: 5+


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Foam / felt

Yarn Cat Craft

Steps are same as above Pom Pom birdies, except I used finger to make this, didn’t take that any rounds and didn’t cut the edges too short. So left the yarn as a flattened disc type shape.

Then stuck googly eyes, foam ears and nose and black yarn whiskers.
I have used a multi-colored yarn, nay color yarn can be used for making cat.

Yarn Rabbit/ Bunny

Exactly the same steps as the yarn kitty above. I have Just changed the shape of its foam ears. I found using fingers was easier for quicker Crafts when we are taking lesser yarn rounds.

Yarn Rabbit Bunny
Do they look like siblings? LOL

The similar Looking furry cuties right!  To much difference except the long bunny ears and short kitty ears – both are swift and fast.

Yarn Crafts for kids

I just love the googly eyes, they add so much character to the craft, don’t you think? Just brush up the yarn to smoothen it out.
Well I tried to create a race between the kitty and the bunny, Not the regular tortoise & hare race, see for yourself how it looked-

Did you like our simple cute yarn crafts?

Did you enjoy the stop-motion videos?

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Yarn Crafts for kids


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30 thoughts on “DIY Yarn Crafts For Kids

  1. Such cute yarn crafts, Kinshoo.

    Love all your DIY posts. Tried commenting on your DIY glass bottle lamps, but they’re closed. Glad to have found your YT channel! Feels great to find amazing co-creators on YT.

  2. Hi Kinshoo, tried to comment on your recycled bottles post but the comments box is closed, so re-commenting on this post I’ve already visited before. You already know, I’m a big fan of your easy and super fun DIY craft ideas!

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