The best part of school life is pleasing the teacher with hand-made cards and then dancing with joy when she pins it on the notice board and keeps it in her bag.. isn’t it!!

Greeting Cards are the best way to show gratitude and respect and care towards a person who teaches us lessons of life especially on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Well the greeting cards are always perfect for birthdays, occasions, festivals, new year to give to friends, family, relatives, neighbors and parents, of course. I have always appreciated and cherished the hand-made cards, these strengthen love and bonding.

Flower Vase Greeting Card for Teachers that kids can make:

The technique we are using here is called Pointillism, except we are using a bunch of q-tips instead of single one.

Greeting Card

Age: 3+


  • Colored paper – any color, any paper
  • q-tips (4-5)
  • Rubber band
  • Red & green water color
  • Brush
  • Plain  paper
  • Glitter glue (optional)

See how to make a Balloon Card 

Step 1: Cut the plain paper (white preferably) in the shape and size of the greeting card.

Step 2: Cut the colored paper (i have taken red crepe paper), in the shape of a flower vase and stick on the plain paper (cut in the shape of greeting card).

Step 3: Paint the stems with green color (sketch pens, water colors, crayons) from the vase to the top

Greeting Card

Greeting Card

Step 4: Tie 4-5 q-tips with rubber band tightly so they don’t fall off while coloring

Step 5: Dip the q-tips in the red color (don’t add water in color, keep thick consistency) and dab on the paper on the edges of the green stems

Greeting Card Greeting Card

Step 6: Repeat the step 5 to cover all the green stems with red flowers. A little overlapping on the stem is fine.. just don’t make too many red flowers.

See how to make Rainbow with Pointillism.

Almost done.

Add glitters on the card for added sparkle.. who doesn’t love glitters anyways!

Isn’t it simple and pretty!

My 4 year old made this for his Kindergarten teacher and she totally loved it. My son was over the moon that day.

Did you like the simple glitter Greeting Card?

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6 thoughts on “Greeting Card for Teachers

  1. We made greeting cards for my daughter’s school teacher on New Year. They feel connected with them more. This is a great activity to keep them engaged

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