FALL or Autumn season is the one that comes after summer, when leaves fall from the trees,hence the name Fall Season. Because leaves change color and so the color of the season is predominantly Orange-Yellow.

The Fall Crafts are mostly dried orange leaves (mostly maple leaves), pumpkin, owl, hedge-hog, trees in the shade of orange-yellow-red leaves, apple & apple pie.

Let’s make some absolutely quick & easy crafts with whatever is available at home.

Bubble Wrap Fall Tree

Who doesn’t love popping those bubble wraps that come with the packaging! Oh we all do, right!

But there is a better use of it as well than just popping.. bubble wrap tree.

Age: 2+


  • Bubble wrap
  • Paints- orange, yellow, brown
  • Brush
  • White paper
  • Baby 😉

  Bubble Wrap Fall Art

There can be multiple variations in this art depending on whether you want to apply color to bubble wrap and then put on paper (pic 1) or just dip bubble wrap in color and dab on paper (pic 2).

Mixing and overlapping orange and yellow gives a great fall feel.

Squishy Sun Craft

This squishy sun craft is absolutely fun to make. Even I wanted to squish squash that paint. Good exercise for those tiny finger muscles.

Age: 2+


  • 2 Paper plates
  • Paint – yellow, red, orange
  • Zip-lock covers
  • Baby (in mood of some squishing squashing)

Watch my toddler enjoying making his bright orange sun by squishing the paint in this video:

Scrapping off excess color on other sheet is the most beautiful part and they give pretty sun-rays to our bright orange sun.

I preferred zip-lock covers to avoid color on his clothes or table. But you may just use a polythene to squish the paint or even squish with fingers or hands directly – enjoy messy play too.

Pointillism Fall Tree

Pointillism art is  created by using a q-tip or ear buds, as we call them. Basically painting by a point.

This Pointillism art has multiple benefits including fine motor skills, neural development and is purely therapeutic & calming.

Age: 2+


  • q-tip – 1 or more (tied with rubber band or thread)
  • Paint – yellow and orange, brown
  • Plain paper

Earlier we did with 1 q-tip, this time we tried with more. Tied 3-4 q-tips together and then dipped in colors and dabbed on the tree branches.. totally loved the outcome. 

Paper Plate Owl

Paper plate crafts are my favorite and they are so versatile. My son loved thoroughly making a paper plate owl all by himself.

Age: 3+


  • 2 Paper Plates
  • Brown color
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker or Black paper

The owl is made independently by 3-year old. I just gave him the cut paper plates. And he colored and stuck it all. See in this video:

Paper Plate Pumpkin

One of the most favorite fall craft is paper plate pumpkin and there can be so many versions of it.

Fall Leaf Crown

So we had a season dress-up in school. So dressed my son for fall season. Made a quick crown with orange paper aka fall leaves and handed him a most-famous paper plate pumpkin and a placard showing Hello Fall!

Fall Leaves Wreath

Like I made the fall-leaf crown, similarly fall-leaf wreath can be made by cutting leaves from orange paper and sticking to a wreath or ribbon.

Fall Tree by Blowing Paint

This activity was super fun and is a bit tricky as well. The consistency of the pint is very important along with the direction of blowing.

Age: 2+


  • Plain paper
  • Colors – diluted yellow & orange, brown
  • Straw
  • Brush

Fall Tree CRaft by Blowing with Straw

Steps: Drop colors on the paper with the brush and tell the child to blow from the straw. Just need to explain to the child the direction from which the air should be blown so that the paint flows in opposite direction.

For older kids, even tree can be drawn by blowing diluted brown color.

Orange Footprint Birdie

How about a little fall-colored birdie with the tiny foot-print!

Age: 1+


  • Child-safe color – orange/red/brown
  • Plain paper
  • Brush
  • Tissues or cleaning cloth
  • Baby (willing to get his foot painted ;))

Isn’t that cute! But definitely can’t try if the baby is not in mood.

Steps: Paint the feet – half brown and half red/orange and stamp on the paper. Draw the details – eyes, beak, claws.

Handprint Crab

When I started with footrpint and handprint crafts, it was kind of addictive. We had done more than 10 such crafts.

Age: 1+


  • Plain paper
  • Child-safe colors – red/orange, black, green
  • Brush
  • Tissues or cleaning cloth
  • Baby (agreeing to put paint on hands)

Steps: Simply apply colors on palms and guide him/her where to place hands and in which direction – one hand at a time with very young kids and those doing for first time. 

Draw eyes and grass. Here grass was also painted by my toddler.

TIP: Keep tissues/cleaning cloth ready and wipe hand/foot immediately. Instruct the child before applying color – what you will be doing and what the child is supposed to do, so that the baby is aware and prepared.

Cotton dabbing Apple Craft 

The dabbing technique is kind of calming. And practically kids can create anything with this style.

Age: 1+


  • Plain paper
  • Colors – red, green
  • Cotton or foam or pom pom
  • Cloths peg (optional)

Steps: Just draw or print an apple and color it by dabbing cotton/foam/pom pom in paint.

You can include cloths peg for more exercise of finger muscles, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


The printable included and the one above are different because I have recently creating printables and the above one was downloaded long back from some other website.

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