POPSICLES are multi-purpose, colorful and give superb scope to creativity. One make anything under the sun using popsicles. Buy the colored ones or color the  plain ones & color them.

Till date, my toddler, now 5 years, has made airplanes, photo frames, felt ice-creams, bookmarks, snowflakes, star, reindeer, magic wand, flag etc. using popsicles or ice-cream sticks.

Popsicles are one  of the must-have craft supplies for home with kids. Few others helpful craft items list is here.

Will be sharing few absolutely easy and pretty crafts in this post.


We made Popsicle sticks memory frame to gift daddy on for Father’s Day and a rainbow frame for a friend to gift on her birthday. These hand-made gifts are the best.

A quick video of simple easy DIY Popsicle Photo Frames:

The rainbow photo frame is my favorite. These colorful memory frames have added beauty to my home.

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These ice-cream crafts are perfect summer craft. They allow the child to utilise imagination and let them decorate their own ice-lolly with pom poms, glitter, stars and embellishments.. good for fine motor skills.

Icecream Craft - Popsicle Craft for Kids


Simply stick a glittery foam or paper star or any sticker to popsicle, and use it as bookmark.. good way to encourage reading as well.

Add googly eyes to the glittery star for more fun. and it becomes magic wand too.


Make beautiful Snowflakes and stars with popsicles and decorate them with pom poms, stars or embellishments or glitters.

Please note: Let the glue dry for sometime on the popsicles before starting decoration.

Snowflakes & Star Craft

Isn’t that glittery snowflake charming!


How about a brown popsicle Rudolph reindeer with red pom pom nose & googly eyes for Christmas Decor!

Stick a ribbon and hang it on wall or on the Christmas tree.. just ads perfect touch. Decorate with stars or pom poms.

Popsicle Reindeer Christmas Craft


Use the colorful ice-cream sticks or color the plain ones and make amazing flag crafts. We made Indian Flag Crafts using colored popsicles. However, painted white over yellow, since didn’t have white in the pack and then painted the Ashoka Chakra with blue marker.

Popsicle Indian Flag Craft

Also see Indian Flag Wreath Craft.

So stocking up on different sizes and colors of popsicles never hurts and is a saviour in the times when kids get bored at home and you find it difficult to entertain them for whole day.

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10 thoughts on “10+ Easy Popsicle Crafts for Kids

  1. The crafts made here rake back memories of a time when the kids were in Nursery. We used to make many that you have written about. The Christmas Reindeer Craft is new though. I love the way you have been compiling crafts under different headings. This is a storehouse of ideas and useful for the reader.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. We have tried the ice lollies and flags seeing your earlier posts. I think i had sent pics. Will try more. Your posts are much needed in these times. Thanks

  3. Lovely craft ideas, a few i have tried with my kids already and will try other ones too. i find popsicles the most versatile and useful stuff when it comes to crafts and diys, isn’t it? 🙂

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