“Health is wealth”

VALUE OF NUTRITION increases many folds once we become mom. I have realized I am now more aware of what goes on my family’s plate and I choose recipes consciously to supplement the nutrients, and not just taste.

Have you found yourself in a situation where you want to try something different or new, but struggle to find any follow-able recipe online?

I am honestly tired of cooking in this quarantine times, and kind of bored too with my own cooking. While trying to find any new recipe, I fail to find easy recipes as I am not just an elaborate cook.
Most of us moms look for quick recipes for busy weekends, tiring weekdays as few are working from home or engaged in online school classes.

Book: Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

Author: Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

Format: Ebook

Publisher: Blogchatter

A mom not always trusts Google or YouTube for recipes to experiment on kids, but she does trust another fellow mom. Dr. Surbhi brings such tried tested nutritious recipes in her book.

About the Book

In this recipe book, the author brings unique recipes which are healthy as well as quick and easy to follow. She has also mentioned the nutrient values of ingredients of the dishes she has presented, which makes it even more handy and kind of an excellent guide book for confused and health-conscious moms, which includes most number of moms on earth 😉 .

 Being vegetarian, we have to find food sources for some of the vitamins and minerals, not generally present in our diet. And of course, kids won’t like very healthy dish presented to them. So the struggle of hiding veggies and nutrient items in their diet is real.

She has included interesting recipes of some of the not-so-common food ingredients like amaranth, barnyard, quinoa and oats etc. along with mentioning the details of nutrient values of each of them. Some salad recipes are worth trying for a change or for a light lunch or dinner.
The step by step recipes of dishes in simple language are easier to follow.

The pictures of final dish are original and taken by the author mom, so we can be assured about the outcome and we know what goes on my plate.
The round up chapter with healthy eating tips from mom bloggers definitely gives an insights and is inspiring to know how fellow moms follow healthy diet routine.

My Word

I would definitely recommend this cook book for busy moms like me who wish to try new healthy recipes for their families but find it hard to search for easy recipes. Some of my favorite recipes from this book, which I will be trying soon, are amaranth paratha, colorful idli, tomato chutney, energy Buddha bowl, zucchini cheesy bites, etc. 

So moms, Instead of wasting time on Google, keep this recipe book handy for quick cooking references and recipes.

About the Author

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna is a Homeopathic Therapist as well as a writer and blogger. She is an active writer on various online platforms where she writes about parenting, health, crafts & activities for kids etc. and her own website is Surbhiprapanna .


Best wishes to Dr. Surbhi Prapanna for her book and many more success in future endeavors.


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15 thoughts on “#BookReview – Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

  1. This book I recommend all my friends and family members as she has written it beautiful with easy and healthy recipes!!

  2. Surbhi is a wonderful writer and her posts are quite informative. This books is a must read more so as I have been working towards healthier eating and exploring many options.

  3. Oh I second you totally. I read this especially because I’m bad at cooking. It helped me quite a bit and also a few vegetarian friends who wanted to cook healthy.

  4. Yeah! I totally agree, this book has awesome healthy and quick recipes for busy moms. You don’t have to compromise on your health if you are following these recipes.

  5. This book has awesome and easy recipes for we busy moms which are very healthy also.. This is a great book to have .

  6. moms not taking care of their health and not eating healthy is the worse thing to do. The kids need us and our energy too. This is such an important post.

  7. Yeah my nephew is same he doesn’t like veggies and many such things so my bhabhi hides it and makes him eat it while he is busy playing so that he doesn’t question back.

  8. It’s interesting to note that while staying abroad you can still make fab Indian food with limited ingredients or the ones that don’t taste exactly the same. That was my challenge for years when I was studying abroad. Your girls are also doing a fab job.

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