Motherhood is a very special roller coaster journey of a woman’s life. Words, expressions, emotions are never enough to describe motherhood.

A woman starts reading all about pregnancy, Delivery, breastfeeding, baby sleeping, baby’s health, nutrition, poop, everything related to baby. But often the books available mostly provide the SHOULD FOLLOW practices. What no book or doctor tells is the Mishaps, the unexpected, the exhaustion, the depression, the guilty. Well, no motherhood is complete without these emotions.

I just read this book on motherhood which just talks to you like a friend, with no “parenting gyaan” or advices. Just plain simple motherhood experiences summed up in a book, which every mother on earth faces sometime or the other.

Book Name: A to Z Of Surviving First Year of Motherhood

Author: Poorvi Khare

Format: ebook

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Book

A very well written book on memoirs of motherhood coming as first hand experiences from a new mom with mix of emotions. This book is written in absolutely simple conversational language and the flow of writing is so smooth that you just keep on turning pages. 
The description and incidents are so conveniently explained that I almost imagined and re-lived my first year of motherhood days. Yes, this books is so relatable to every mother.

I particularly loved the fun element and the way author narrated somewhat irritable or anxious moments of mom-life on a lighter note that I laughed reading about them now, especially the poop stories and hardships of co-sleeping.

The author has covered every aspect of motherhood – starting from mixed emotions, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, post-Partum depression, pooping, mom guilts, me-time, baby’s health & weight, judgements – everything that becomes a part of a mother’s life.

The Tips to survive these phases are put up in each chapter, in a practical doable way with no perfect or stringent advices, just a word from a friend who was in same shoe once.

My Favorite Quote from the book:

Motherhood isn’t what you say – one size fits all!

Poorvi Khare

In this book, the author gives a perfect advice, definitely not unsolicited, to all moms struggling to balance work, chores, baby’s demands, family’s expectations, her own life and health where practically her needs become the subject of least importance.

Give up your own unrealistic motherhood goals.

Let the notion of Supermom Go!

Poorvi Khare

My Word
Would recommend this book to all the moms. It’s a light read, with no philosophical quotes or preachy chapters. Written in colloquial language, this book is like a heart to heart talk between moms, sharing experiences and motherhood jokes. Moms should save this book and read whenever they feel overwhelmed, judged, depressed, buried under over-expectations and want some non-google gyaan.”
Sometimes every mom needs to be told – You are doing just fine!

About the Author

Poorvi Khare, Author of this book, is a content writer and mom blogger. She is an ex IT Professional and teacher, an avid reader and now enjoys her love for writing in her blog Being Mommy and more. 


I wish Poorvi Khare, Good Luck and success in her journey as an author and blogger.

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