The current world-wide pandemic situation has brought life to an unexpected stage and made people realize the value of family ties even more when billions of people across globe are home-stuck and are thankful for being with family.

When the world has come to a stand-still, and most of us are confined indoors for major part of the day; binge watching TV series is a savior and a stress-buster for millions. Managing house chores, office work, kids, family duty with no help, no going out, is tiring and over-whelming for everyone. 

Like many others, I am also spending my “me-time” ; after finishing the chores and family duties, by binge watching online TV series. I enjoy suspense thriller dramas with twists and turns more than routine stories , which keep the interest in the series alive throughout and keep me clicking on the next as soon as the previous one finishes.

ZEE5 offers a plethora of TV shows and films and original TV series in multiple languages to match the interests of variety of audience. They have come up with one more family suspense Tamil drama which shows how some forgotten events can spoil a happy family’s peaceful life.

“Uyire – Ties that bind:  A happy family’s strength is tested as a secret from the past comes to haunt them”


Uyire is the story of an ex-military officer who was content in his life with his wife and daughters. The family has supported each other in thick and thin. When they thought they have each other’s back, a secret person related to the family’s past, resurfaces and threatens the family to break apart. Who is this man?

What is the dark secret of the family?

Is any family member involved in any kind or murder or crime?

The story concept and plot is intriguing to keep anyone on the edge.

Uyire stars Arvind Naidu, Purvalan, Indra and Guna in important roles and they portrayed their characters successfully and up to the mark. The ZEE5 Original Tamil Series is currently streaming on the platfom.


Images Source: ZEE5.com

It is very interesting too see the family members entangled in emotions and struggling to realize whom to trust and how to face this new secret person who just walked in their life out of nowhere. 

Users can access the entire ZEE5 content on 5 screens simultaneously. Get ZEE5 subscription today and enjoy binge-watching. Download the latest version of ZEE5 Android App & ZEE5 iOS App today. 

Stay Home Stay Safe


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and views expressed in the post are mine and information provided is solely for the purpose of entertainment and personal use.

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