Importance of Families is realized most in tough times and adverse situations. Today, when we feel lucky to be home with family when the whole world is fighting with #covid19, the situation overall is overwhelming as well as frustrating.

We are home-stuck, or rather I would say “safe at home”, the very thought of not being able to step out of home like normal, go to park, go to office, go to bank, go to mall is just now normal any more.

Many of us are working from home currently, which has made lives even busier than before. With no limit to working hours and distinguishing difference between working hours and weekend, people are finding it difficult to maintain a balance in life.

With whole family living under one roof 24*7, the amount of work load has increased many folds. Including house chores and other works, the family members have to share the responsibilities, so that no one gets worked up and feels exhausted. 
It is imperative that all family members realize the importance of standing united and sharing household duties as well, like cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, taking care of kids etc. needs to be divided.

We had been living in an era where there were divisions in family as to which chores are done by only women of the house, where actually men would only eat, sleep and do professional work, with zero contribution towards house Chores and taking care of children. 


Laundry Is a hectic chore in itself – sorting the clothes, loading, unloading, drying, folding, repeat – and it’s an everyday never ending cycle. If other people cannot get involved in any other chores like cooking or cleaning, the least they can do if the laundry. Sorting dirty clothes and putting them for drying is not a rocket science.

As mom of a boy, I am trying to teach my boy all the chores which are basically life skills and every individual MUST know them. My son likes to lend his little helper hand and can sort and fold the laundry On his own and we sing 

“everyone is big enough to do something on their own”

Ariel India has come up with a great awareness initiative through which they are trying to make men of the society realize how women are over-burdened with family chores and responsibilities and how they fight to maintain balance in family with little or no time for themselves.

See this beautiful video #Sharetheload

Do you #Sharetheload of your family?

Are you teaching your kids to #Sharetheload of family?

Repeat with me-

“I will pledge to #Sharetheload and help in household chores in association with Blogadda and Ariel India.”

This post is written as a part of contest of Blogadda and campaign by Ariel India.

When the members of the family share the responsibilities, the love multiplies and understanding doubles.

Stay Home Stay Safe



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