We hear so many jumle like – “what will society say” 

I ask – “who is this society?”

Society is what we make it. Society is neither formed by an individual not affected by particular person’s views. However, society is collective result of everyone’s actions included.

Recently I read a book in which the author has subtly presented the true face of society and how result of even single person’s deeds affects others.

Book: आईना समाज का

Author: Ritu Agrawal

Format: Kindle ebook

Language: Hindi

Publisher: Self-published

About the Book

The book consists of 24 short stories which are a reflection of society we are living in, thus, the  title  meaning “Mirror of Society”.

Though the backdrop of stories are fictional, yet while reading the reader realizes that the situation is true for many. The short & concise conversations and one-liners touch the heart and leave a pinching painful feeling.

Some of the current issues highlighted through stories in the book are child molestation, acid attacks, brain drain of talented and young, domestic violence, female feticide, patriarchy, etc. Every story reflects a prevalent societal evil.

Everyone condemns the increasing crimes and hatred, but how many realize being part of them in one way or the other.

The stories appear simple and written in plain Hindi language, yet they cast a deep impression on reader’s mind and leave some food for thought.

My Word

I liked all the stories, yet my favorite and heart trenching story, horror of every mother remains the very first story of the book, in which a little girl refuses to take chocolate from an uncle because she remembers her friend went missing after accepting chocolate from another uncle. The story spotlights what a filthy mentality some people who don’t even pardon poor little innocent kids. Every parent today feels worried sick for their kid, because absolutely no one can be trusted today with children. Child molestation and rapes of young girls are most heinous and disgusted crimes one can commit in life.

About the Author

Ritu Agrawal is a Hindi Teacher and writer who has commendable command over Hindi language which reflects in her writing skills. This is her first book and she has successfully conveyed the message in form of thoughtfully penned short stories.

Best Wishes to Ritu Agrawal for writing many more interesting and successful books in future.

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14 thoughts on “#BookReview – आईना समाज का

  1. I am currently reading this book and I completely agree with your analysis of the book. Lovely review of an amazing book.

  2. The story u highlighted almost came true. Imagine 30 years ago I taught my daughter about good touch bad touch and not talking to strangers. One day while getting into the school bus a strange offered her chocolate and said come with me and she pushed him and got into the bus! Gives me the shivers..thinking what cud have happened.

  3. Welcome back to the habit of reading! Definitely a joy, and when you find a good book, its double the joy!
    This book sounds interesting. Glad to see hindi storytelling coming back again.

  4. Short stories with life lessons.. Great combination which pushed me to read. I will surely buy my copy and reading your review makes me even more confident about the content of the book.

  5. The book sounds like intriguing read. I love reading short stories especially that are based on social issues like this.

  6. Really sounds like an interesting book. Me never so much into book, but your review is so nice 👌 I have to check this out. Thank you.

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